WindyTV App

How to add WindyTV to your display

For pilots, outdoor enthusiasts, and weather aficionados, the WindyTV App is your ultimate tool for harnessing the power of's wind map and weather forecast features. With real-time access to wind maps, weather forecasts, rain, snow, wave pressure, and more, you'll always be prepared for what Mother Nature has in store.

Adding the WindyTV App

Getting started with the WindyTV App is as easy as a summer breeze:

  1. Access the App library: Begin by logging into your TelemetryTV account and navigating to the "Apps" tab, which you can find on the left-hand toolbar.
  2. Add the App: Click on "Create App" to incorporate the WindyTV App into your playlist.
  3. Locate WindyTV: In the Apps list, either scroll to the "General" section or use the search bar at the bottom to search for the "WindyTV App."

Customizing Your WindyTV App

Now that you've selected the WindyTV App, let's tailor it to your specific needs:

  • Enter Geographic Coordinates: Provide valid Longitude and Latitude coordinates that correspond to your desired location. Remember, coordinates in the west (W) and south (S) hemispheres must have a negative sign in front of them.
  • Choose Overlay Options: Select the overlay options that best suit your interests. You can display Wind, Rain/Snow, Waves (seismic activity), and Pressure maps.
  • Temperature Units: There's also an option to toggle between temperature units, allowing you to choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit based on your preference.

Once you've fine-tuned your WindyTV App settings, you can take a sneak peek at how it will appear on your display. Make any necessary updates, and when you're satisfied, simply click "Save" to lock in your configurations.


The WindyTV app on the TelemetryTV platform does not support zoom functionality directly through touch or keyboard inputs; it can only be zoomed using a mouse on the endpoint screen.

Pressure overlay preview:

Temperature overlay preview:

Rain/snow overlay preview:

Waves overlay preview:

Wind overlay preview:


Pro tip

Clicking the yellow arrow in each overlay (highlighted in the image above) will open a detailed 6-day forecast along the bottom of the page.