A step-by-step guide for setting up TelemetryTV on FireTV

Deploying the FireTV

The FireTV is ideal for a handful of screens but lacks the features needed to deploy at scale.


Do Not Deploy At Scale

Do not deploy the FireTV at scale. It is not designed by Amazon to be an unattended device. This means that Amazon's changes to the software over time may force you to visit a particular device in person to confirm dialogs, make changes or the like. If you are deploying more than a few devices then consider a TelemetryOS Box or TelemetryTV Droid-1.

Compatible Devices

To ensure Telemetry TV is working at full capacity please make sure your chosen Fire Stick is one of our approved and tested devices which meets our minimum requirements:

  • Amazon Fire TV Stick (3rd Gen)
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max
  • Amazon Fire Stick Lite

TelemetryTV's Player application is compatible with most Fire OS devices, however we recommend the devices listed above as they are faster and have larger storage capacities. Using an untested device may result in poor performance.


Fire OS Version Requirements

Please note, the minimum version requirement of Fire OS platform is the 6th version of Fire OS and later

Setup your FireTV device

Ensure your FireTV device is properly connected to your television and powered on. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the initial setup process, including connecting to your Wi-Fi network.

In the FireTV app store search for and download the TelemetryTV App

Navigate to the FireTV app store using your remote control. In the search bar, type "TelemetryTV" and select the TelemetryTV App from the search results. Download and install the app on your FireTV device.

TelemetryTV App

Pair Device

Once the TelemetryTV App is installed, launch the app on your FireTV device. You will be prompted to pair your device with your TelemetryTV account. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the pairing process.

Pair Device


After pairing your device, you can configure various settings to customize your TelemetryTV experience. Access the Configuration menu to adjust settings such as screen orientation, auto restart, and more.


To exit the TelemetryTV App, navigate to the Quit option in the menu. This will close the app and return you to the FireTV home screen.



Access the Settings menu to modify app preferences and configurations. You can adjust settings such as restart behaviour, cache clearing, and screen orientation from this menu.


Use the Restart option to reboot the TelemetryTV App on your FireTV device. This can help resolve certain performance issues or apply recent changes.

Clear Cache

Clear the app cache to free up storage space and improve app performance. This can help resolve issues related to sluggishness or freezing.


Reset the TelemetryTV App to its default settings. This will revert any custom configurations or preferences back to their original state.

Toggle Console

Toggle the visibility of the console within the app interface. The console provides additional information and debugging options for advanced users.

Set Settings Password

Set Settings Password

Secure your app settings by setting a password. This prevents unauthorized access to configuration options and ensures data privacy.


Change the name of your FireTV device within the TelemetryTV App. This can help you identify and manage multiple devices more easily.

Screen Orientation

Adjust the screen orientation settings to customize how content is displayed on your television screen.

Auto Restart App

Enable or disable automatic app restarts. When enabled, the TelemetryTV App will automatically restart if it encounters an error or crashes.

Launch on Boot

Choose whether the TelemetryTV App should launch automatically when your FireTV device boots up.

Allow Serial Number

Grant permission for the TelemetryTV App to access the serial number of your FireTV device. This aids our Development Team in with internal tracking for certain features or integrations.

Geo Location

Enable or disable geolocation services within the app. This may be necessary for certain location-based functionalities.

Use STAGE API Servers

Use STAGE API Servers

Toggle between using production or staging API servers. This is useful for testing purposes or when working with development environments.

Use QA API Servers

Switch to using Quality Assurance (QA) API servers for testing and validation purposes.

Show KeyCodes

Display keycodes for remote control inputs within the app interface. This can be helpful for troubleshooting or custom key mapping.

Use Chrome

Enable the use of the Chrome browser within the TelemetryTV App. This may provide additional browsing capabilities or compatibility with certain web-based content.

What’s Next