Playlist Object

ttv.playlist Object

Function or PropertyDescriptionReturns
ttv.playlistThe playlist objectThe playlist object
ttv.playlist.goToPageId(id)Goes to the page as specified by the ID. You'll need to determine the ID of the page first by retrieving a list of the pages.null
ttv.playlist.goToPageName(name)Go to the page as specified by the Name of the page.null
ttv.playlist.nextPage()Go to the next page in the playlist.null
ttv.playlist.previousPage()Go to the previous page in the playlist.null
ttv.playlist.pause()Pause playlist playback.null playing playlist playback.null

Playlist Object Properties

idThe ID of the playliststring
pagesAn array of pages objects representing the pages in the playlistarray
nameThe name of the playliststring
stateWhether the playlist is 'playing' or 'paused'string

Code Samples

window.onloadTelemetryTV = function (ttv) {
  console.log('Pausing the Playlist');