Display your website on screen with the Website App

The TelemetryTV Website App allows you to view and navigate online websites in clear, high-definition picture quality on your TelemetryTV displays. Follow the steps below to add and configure the Website App:

Adding the Website App

  1. Log in to your TelemetryTV account and navigate to the "Shared" tab in the left-hand toolbar.
  2. Click the "Create" button to launch the application list.
  3. Search for "website" in the bottom right of the application list and select the Website app.

Configuring the Website App

Once you have selected the Website App, you will need to configure the Website Properties on the right-hand side:

  1. Add a name for your app in the Label section.
  2. Paste the URL of the web page you want to display in the URL section.
  3. Choose between the "Live Webpage" or "Capture as Image" options for the Embed Mode:

Live Webpage: Displays your webpage live, suitable for pages with dynamic elements such as moving images or slideshows.
Capture as Image: Takes a screenshot of your webpage, which updates based on the specified refresh interval.

For "Capture as Image" mode, additional configuration options are available:

  • Select a Size based on your screen resolution.
  • Set a Refresh Interval to determine how often the app takes a new snapshot.
  • Adjust the Delay to capture the content correctly if it doesn't appear immediately on the page.


Capture as Image Mode

When using the "Capture as Image" mode, ensure that you have at least one other page in the playlist for the screenshots to update.

HTTP vs. HTTPS Content

There are limitations on the URLs you can use depending on the content's security:

  • HTTP content: Insecure. Can be displayed as a Live Webpage on the Electron app (Linux, Windows, macOS), but not on Android or ChromeOS. Capture as Image option works on all operating systems.
  • HTTPS content: Secure. Recommended for all websites as it provides security.
    Pro Tip: It's advisable to use HTTPS for all websites as HTTP is insecure.

Login Name and Password

If you need to display content that requires login credentials, you can enter your username and password in the Website App settings for TelemetryTV to log you in.



This feature only works with website logins created directly on the website, not via third-party logins like Facebook or Google+.


Website App Logins

Chrome v80 and later versions may block cookies without "Secure" and "SameSite=None" when the page is hosted in an iframe from a different host. This can affect Website App logins on devices running Chrome v80 or later.

Once you have configured the Website App, click "CREATE" to add it to your App library. You can now share your Website App with your audience to view and navigate online websites in pristine high-definition picture quality.

For additional information, refer to our article on "Site Unavailable" error messages in the Website App. If you have more complex website content that requires capturing and representing, consider using our Webshots feature.

To add crop functionality, follow these steps:

  1. Login using the desktop user app.
  2. Go to "Apps" and select the Website App.
  3. Enter the URL and click on the crop button.
  4. Select an area on the screen and click save.
  5. Adjust the delay parameter to control the time before taking a screenshot and after the page is loaded.
  6. The Cloud worker will capture screenshots of the selected area at the defined interval.

Enjoy viewing online websites the way they were designed to be seen with the TelemetryTV Website App!