Platform Feature Support

Deciding on an operating system? Follow our feature support guide to choose the right platform.

TelemetryTV is renowned for its robust and versatile digital signage solutions, offering unique features across a range of supported platforms. However, these platforms are distinct and may perform differently. This guide aims to clarify these differences and help you find the best fit for your needs.

Supported Platforms


This is our recommended option for most digital signage deployments, given its comprehensive compatibility and capabilities.

Electron-Based Platforms:

This includes Linux, Windows, and Mac.

Android and ChromeOS:

Two popular operating systems also supported by TelemetryTV.

Progressive Web Application (PWA):

This is a browser-based solution, easily added as a device from the 'Devices' tab in your TelemetryTV account.

The differences between these platforms arise from their inherent capabilities, which affect how developers like TelemetryTV can leverage them. We work hard to ensure consistency of features across platforms as much as possible. However, inherent constraints of certain operating systems may limit some features.

Key Feature Limitations by Operating System

Progressive Web Application (PWA)

  • No support for serial ports
  • Limited file storage
  • No USB-device provisioning
  • No ability to identify screens on the device
  • Limited device statistics
  • No mixed content
  • SDK limitations
  • No IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) support


  • Practical serial port support is missing (the OS prompts for access after every reboot due to its interactivity)
  • Auto-start missing on certain OS versions
  • No support for multiple screens
  • Restrictions on mixed content in HTML/Web embedded content
  • No IPTV support
  • Not recommended for 24/7 use due to its unstable environment
  • Security patching varies widely depending on the device
  • General device quality is typically low


  • Restrictions on mixed content and embedded websites
  • No IPTV support

Electron: Mac, Windows, Linux, TelemetryOS

  • Full feature set
  • MacOS and Windows may not be ideal for 24/7 use
  • MacOS and Windows platforms tend to be expensive


TelemetryOS currently is on parity with the electron apps, since it is an electron app itself. However, it stands out due to the additional functionalities that are bundled with it, such as an optimized FFmpeg for IPTV support.

TelemetryOS also offers a comprehensive graphical configuration and management interface for things like network connectivity. Being a purpose built operating system, there may be future TelemetryOS-exclusive features that will not be available on other Electron platforms.

FeatureTelemetryOSAndroid AppFireTV AppChromeOS AppPWA (Browser)Mac, Windows, Linux
Full Disk UsageSupportedSupported
HTTP (insecure websites)SupportedSupportedSupportedSupported
IPTV StreamingSupported
Live Video AppSupported
Live Screen ShotsSupportedSupportedOnly via GoogleSupported
Remote TTV SSH SupportSupported
USB ProvisioningSupportedSupportedSupportedSupported
Google ProvisionSupported
URL ProvisionSupported
Serial CommandsSupported
Video WallSupportedSupportedSupported
Local Network ConfigurationSupportedSupported


TelemetryOS Benefits

Remote management, patching, and updating are all automatic on TelemetryOS, reducing user-side management compared to Mac/Windows/Linux OS.

Choosing the right platform for your TelemetryTV deployment depends on your unique needs and constraints. This guide should help you make an informed decision. For more information, feel free to reach out to our team.