Smart TVs

Setting up TelemetryTV on Smart TVs

In our mission to offer powerful, reliable, and scalable digital signage solutions, TelemetryTV is focused on utilizing the most efficient technologies available. At this time, we do not provide direct support for generic Smart TVs, and there are important reasons for this.

Performance Concerns

Many Smart TVs, regardless of the brand, are often not designed to handle the demands of digital signage. Their hardware—processors, memory, and storage—are usually optimized for common television viewing tasks, and they may struggle to run continuous digital signage content efficiently. This can result in subpar performance, including slow loading times, lagging, and interruptions.

Our Suggested Setup

Instead of relying on the built-in capabilities of Smart TVs, we advise users to connect a dedicated device—like the TelemetryOS Box or Stick—to their TVs via an HDMI port. These dedicated devices are specifically designed for digital signage, offering the necessary processing power, memory, and storage to ensure your digital content runs smoothly and consistently.

Future Outlook

As technology continues to evolve, we'll keep evaluating the landscape. If Smart TVs start to offer improved performance and capabilities that can efficiently handle digital signage, we will reassess our stance. At TelemetryTV, we are committed to continuously evolving our product to provide our users with the best digital signage solution available.