Supported Formats

Uploading media to TelemetryTV's media repository

TelemetryTV's media manager is designed to handle various types of media for your digital signage needs. Here are the supported media types and considerations:


TelemetryTV supports GIFs, PNGs, and JPEGs. Animated and static versions of these image formats are supported. When uploading images, it's important to ensure that they match the resolution of the screen they will be displayed on. Scaling may occur to fit the screen, so optimizing your images for the intended display resolution is recommended. Refer to TelemetryTV's documentation for tips on optimizing images.

Other File Types Converted to Images

TelemetryTV allows you to upload other file types such as PDF, SVG, PowerPoint, Word, and Excel documents. These file types will be automatically converted to images for storage and display on devices. If the file has multiple pages, each page will typically be converted to a separate image and bundled as a single media object in the interface.


TelemetryTV supports MP4 and WEBM video file formats directly, up to a maximum of 1GB. You can upload videos in these formats and play them on your playlist without the need for conversion. It's important to consider the screen size and resolution when sizing your videos. Videos will be scaled to fit the screen, but if the video resolution doesn't match the screen size, black bars may appear. To optimize your videos, refer to TelemetryTV's article on video optimization.


Videos are complicated

There's nearly an unlimited variety in how you can encode videos. Make sure you test your encoding, you may need to adjust the parameters and test various options when you're encoding your own videos. Not all options will work with TelemetryTV. Typically if it works in a browser it'll work with TelemetryTV.

Video Audio

Due to browser autoplay policies, videos with audio may not preview properly, and certain versions of Chrome may refuse to play them entirely. This limitation is imposed by Google and affects autoplaying videos with audio. To ensure proper playback, it's recommended to test the videos with audio on the target devices and browsers to verify compatibility.

By understanding the supported media types and considering the appropriate formatting and optimization, you can effectively manage and display images and videos using TelemetryTV's media manager for your digital signage content.