Certified Devices

With the release of TelemetryOS, we have vetted specific devices to help customers for convenience, which we call TelemetryTV OS certified devices.

TelemetryOS Certified Devices

TelemetryOS Certified Devices are lab-tested devices that meet our minimum performance and compatibility requirements to run TelemetryOS.

The list of devices will continuously change as new devices are tested. Devices that we have lab tested and certified are:

TelemetryOS Box Amazon Store Link
Compulab Fitlet2 & Fitlet 3
AOpen DE3450X-24ALW
Raspberry Pi 4 2GB+ RAM
Intel Ruggedized NUC (NUCCCHKR only)
Minix NEO Z83-4U
MinisForum N40
Onlogic CL210G-10
Onlogic CL210G-11
Raspberry Pi 5

For devices without a link, you can find most devices on Amazon or from select online retailers depending on your location. The Onlogic devices are available directly from the manufacturer.

Certified Device Program

The TelemetryOS Certified Device Program is offered to customers who want to use a media player that is not on our Certified Device List. For an annual fee, we will include the respective device that runs our software in our lab testing, and our device specialist will stress test the selected device to validate if it meets our minimum performance and compatibility requirements. If the device meets the minimum standards, our device specialist will continue to test new software releases to ensure that our software maintains compatibility with the device.

Please contact sales for additional information and pricing details.