All in One Devices

Setting up TelemetryTV for All in One Devices

An All-In-One PC with an integrated Android or Intel media player offers an alternative approach to digital signage. While these devices may offer less flexibility compared to a separate media player and display setup, they bring their own set of advantages that could make them the ideal choice for your specific needs.

Streamlined Deployment

The key advantage of an All-In-One PC for digital signage is the simplicity it brings to deployment. As these systems come with a built-in Android or Intel media player, there's no need for additional hardware setup—simply plug in the device, configure the software, and your digital signage is ready to go.

Touch Screen Capabilities

Many All-In-One PCs come with integrated touch screens, offering interactive capabilities right out of the box. This makes them a suitable choice for digital signage applications that benefit from user interaction, such as kiosks or information stations.

Integrated Experience

The combination of display and media player in a single device provides an integrated experience that can be appealing for its simplicity and ease of management. It also reduces the number of devices in your setup, minimizing potential points of failure and simplifying troubleshooting.

Vendor Partnerships

At TelemetryTV, we work with a number of vendors offering All-In-One PCs for digital signage. If you're considering this route for your digital signage needs, we'd be happy to discuss your requirements and recommend a vendor that best meets your needs. Feel free to contact us for personalized suggestions.