Canva Editor not Loading

Workaround for Canva editor not loading.

Issue: Canva integration redirection failure

If you experience a problem where the TelemetryTV system fails to redirect you to the Canva interface when using the Canva integration to modify or create designs, rest assured that our team is aware of a known bug on the Canva API. Fortunately, we have discovered a workaround to resolve this issue.



Workaround Compatibility

Please note that this workaround only applies to the progressive web application (PWA) in your browser.

  1. Login to using the same browser you use for TelemetryTV.
  2. After successfully logging in to Canva, you can close the browser tab.
  3. Access the Telemetry User App using the same browser.
  4. The issue should now be resolved, allowing you to create or modify designs in Canva without encountering any problems.
  5. By following this workaround, you can continue utilizing the Canva integration within TelemetryTV seamlessly.

If you encounter any further issues or require additional assistance, please reach out to our support team.