Use playlist publishing to have complete control over your content

TelemetryTV's Playlist Publishing feature empowers administrators to determine who can publish playlists, providing a robust content oversight mechanism, especially in accounts with multiple users.

Activating Playlist Publishing

To enable Playlist Publishing, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to "Settings" from the left-hand toolbar.
  2. Select "Playlist Publishing."
  3. Toggle the "Enable Playlist Draft and Publishing" switch to activate the feature.
  4. Enter an email address in the "Playlist Draft Notification Email" field to receive alerts when playlist changes require approval.

Setting Permissions

To set permissions for user groups, follow these steps:

  1. Click the "Users and Groups" tab in settings
  2. Select "Groups." and select the group that you would like to change the permission for
  3. Click the "Permissions" tab within the group
  4. In the group permissions list, toggle the "Publish Playlists" switch to grant or restrict permission for this group.

Publishing Your Playlist

Once the Playlist Publishing feature is enabled, changes made to a playlist will be saved as drafts. Users can then click "send a publish request" to have their changes reviewed and approved. An email notification will be sent to the designated "playlist approver," providing a link to the respective playlist for review.

The playlist will only be published when the "Publish" button on the Playlist page is clicked by a user with publishing permissions.

(visible to only the approver) Clicking the publish button will make the playlist live on screens associated with that playlist.

By leveraging the Playlist Publishing feature, administrators can maintain control over content, ensuring that playlists go through a review process before being published, leading to a streamlined and curated viewing experience for their audience.