A step-by-step guide for setting up TelemetryTV on Linux

TelemetryTV has a snap available on the Snapcraft store. This application allows you to turn any computer running Linux into a digital signage player.

Compatible Devices

The application can run on a range of devices, including but not limited to:

  • Intel NUC
  • Mini PC
  • Video Wall Intel NUC

For a comprehensive list of all recommended devices, visit our hardware page.

Pros of Using Linux Devices

Linux devices are almost as versatile and customizable as Windows devices, without the added expense of a Windows license.

Cons of Using Linux Devices

These devices might not be the ideal choice for large scale deployments, and ease of setup may vary depending on the device model. It might require some technical know-how if the hardware isn't supported right away.

How to Set Up TelemetryTV on Ubuntu

1. Download TelemetryTV Snap

You can get the TelemetryTV snap by either:

  • Downloading directly from the Snapcraft store.
  • Or, entering the following command in the terminal:
sudo snap install telemetrytv

2. Set TelemetryTV to Run on Boot

Create a new user to function as the kiosk account:

  • Click on the icons in the top right.
  • Select your account name.
  • Go to Account Settings.
  • Click on Unlock in the top right corner and enter your admin password.
  • Click on Add User, and set up a user with Automatic Login switched ON.

Next, log in as the kiosk user and create a .desktop file at ~/.config/autostart/snap.desktop with the following contents:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=snap run telemetrytv

3. Set Up Automatic Provisioning (Optional)

To automatically pair a device to a specific account and playlist when running Telemetry, run the snap with a provisioning argument:

snap run telemetrytv --provision=YOURPROVISIONINGTOKEN

You can find your provisioning tokens under Settings > Provisioning Tokens.


Kiosk Provisioning

To run TelemetryTV in kiosk mode with the provisioning token, modify the Exec=snap run telemetrytv line in the ~/.config/autostart/snap.desktop file to include the token:

Exec=snap run telemetrytv --provision=YOURPROVISIONINGTOKEN

What’s Next