A step-by-step guide for setting up TelemetryTV on WebOS

At TelemetryTV, we're committed to providing robust, efficient, and scalable digital signage solutions. To deliver this experience, we continuously evaluate and select the best technologies to support. At present, we do not support WebOS, the operating system found in LG Smart TVs, due to a few key limitations.

Performance Limitations

Our experience and customer feedback have shown that WebOS TVs currently struggle with performance for most digital signage content. These devices often have limited processing power and insufficient memory and storage, which can lead to sluggish performance, latency issues, and interruptions in content playback. Further WebOS often is browser locked to an old version of Chromium and never receives updates which cause the TV to get dated and unsupportable over time.

Our Recommended Approach

Instead of relying on Smart TVs' built-in operating systems like WebOS, we recommend users attach a device—like the TelemetryOS Box or Stick—via HDMI to their TV. These devices are purpose-built for digital signage, providing the necessary processing power, memory, and storage to smoothly deliver your content.

Looking Ahead

However, technology is always advancing, and we're closely monitoring these changes. As new TV models with improved specs and performance capabilities emerge, we will reevaluate the potential integration with WebOS. At TelemetryTV, we are dedicated to adapting our product to the best technologies to provide our users with the most efficient and reliable digital signage solution.

What’s Next