Networking & WiFi


Security Alert:

Please be aware that local settings on your TelemetryOS device, such as Network & WiFi, cannot be revised remotely once set. This security measure is in place to ensure the utmost protection of your system and to maintain compliance with SOC 2 standards

Setting Up Network for a TelemetryOS Device: Wired Connection (Recommended)

TelemetryOS certified devices come equipped with a Gigabit LAN port, enabling users to establish network connections using a wired Ethernet connection, which offers stability and reliability.


Wired vs Wireless Connections

Reconsider using WiFi as you may have stability and connectivity issues. Ethernet is almost always a better option.

DHCP Configuration:

A wired connection via Ethernet is the most dependable method for connectivity. When the network is configured to use DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), the TelemetryOS device automatically acquires an IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, and DNS server information from the DHCP server upon connection. This seamless process facilitates communication with other devices on the network and access to the internet.

Static IP Configuration:

Alternatively, users have the option to manually configure the network settings by entering the IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, and DNS server information in the device's network settings. However, manual configuration is unnecessary if DHCP is already enabled on the network.

WiFi Connection

TelemetryOS simplifies WiFi connection setup:

  • Click on the "Configure WiFi" button to view nearby networks.
  • Select the desired network and enter the password.
  • TelemetryOS supports hidden SSIDs, allowing users to toggle the "Hidden" button to reveal and connect to networks not broadcasting their names.
  • WPA2 Enterprise network connectivity with user and password authentication is supported.

Additional Configuration Options:

TelemetryOS offers various system settings customization options:

  • NTP Servers Configuration: Users can specify the IP address or hostname of their preferred NTP (Network Time Protocol) server.
  • HTTP Proxies Configuration: TelemetryOS allows configuration of HTTP proxies, both authenticated and anonymous. For authenticated proxies, users can input their username and password for access.
  • WiFi Toggle: To avoid confusion, users can toggle WiFi off when utilizing a wired connection.

By providing these configuration options, TelemetryOS empowers users to tailor network settings according to their specific requirements, ensuring seamless connectivity and optimal performance for TelemetryOS certified devices.