A step-by-step guide for setting up TelemetryTV on BrightSign Devices

Configure your BrightSign Devices by following this guide.


Unsupported & Experimental

Please note that this guide are our suggestions on how to possibly use BrightSign. We do not officially support this platform and will be unable to provide assistance in the case of errors.

Creating a BSN Cloud Account and Network with BrightAuthor

1. Download BrightAuthor:

Begin by downloading the BrightAuthor software.

2. Create a BSN Cloud account and network

Follow the instructions provided by BrightSign on their official documentation page.


Necessary BSN.Cloud User Permissions

Ensure your BSN.Cloud user account has permissions to manage Device Setups, Device Provisioning, and the Device Network in your Control Cloud Network.

Creating a Device Setup in BrightAuthor Connected

1. Log in to your account

Access your account through the official portal.

2. Access Device Setup

From the dashboard, locate the drop-down by 'Admin'. Select 'Device Setup' from the options available.

3. Name your setup

Enter an appropriate package name for your setup that is easy to refer back to. For instance, you could name it "TelemetryTV Cloud Setup".

4. Select Device Type

In the 'Device Type' category, select 'Custom Application URL'. Then, paste the following URL into the designated field:

5. Update Brightsign OS

Under 'Advanced Device Settings', click to expand 'Brightsign OS Update'. Ensure your player is on the latest version of Brightsign OS by selecting 'Production Release'. Version 8.3.2 Brightsign OS or later has the critical feature called ‘media source extensions’ or MSE that TTV needs to run content.

6. Now that your setup is complete, you can follow our paring or provisioning guides

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