A step-by-step guide for setting up TelemetryTV on ChromeOS

TelemetryTV Guide for Chrome Digital Signage Players


This guide simplifies the process of setting up and managing Chrome digital signage players with TelemetryTV. It is tailored for IT administrators, users, and programmers.

ChromeOS Version Support

  • Current Version Support: TelemetryTV supports the current stable version of ChromeOS and the version immediately preceding it.
  • Version Check: Confirm the current stable version of ChromeOS here.
  • Support Limitation: TelemetryTV focuses on troubleshooting related to the TelemetryTV Media Player. Issues specific to ChromeOS are not within our support scope.

Recommended Device

  • CTL Chromebox CBX2: Our preferred ChromeOS device. Details are available on our hardware page.

Advantages of Chrome Digital Signage Players

  1. Ease of Deployment: Ideal for large-scale setups with automatic provisioning through Chrome Device Management.
  2. Cost-Effectiveness: Most budget-friendly option for large-scale deployments.


  1. Initial Setup Complexity: Can be challenging to set up initially.
  2. Limited ChromeOS Device Support: Support for ChromeOS devices is limited outside the USA.

Required Software

  • Chrome Device Management: Long-term use requires provisioning through Chrome Device Management.
  • Google Enterprise License: Purchase a Google Enterprise license for each device (annual fee of $50 USD).

Testing ChromeOS Digital Signage Players

Update Your Chrome Device

  1. Turn on your device.
  2. Navigate to: chrome://settings/help in your browser.
  3. Update: Click "Update Google Chrome" if available.
  4. Relaunch: Click "Relaunch."

Pairing for Testing

  1. Turn on your device.
  2. Install TelemetryTV: Search and install the media player.
  3. Pairing Code: Note the pairing code displayed by the media player.
  4. Complete Pairing: On your computer, navigate to "Devices" in TelemetryTV, click "Pair," and enter the code.

Note: Pairing is for testing purposes. For long-term use, follow the setup instructions for automatic provisioning.

Setting Up ChromeOS Digital Signage Players

Part 1: Chrome Enrollment and Setup

  1. Update ChromeOS: Follow the steps in the "Update Your Chrome Device" section.
  2. Purchase Google Enterprise Licenses: Required for each Chrome device used with TelemetryTV. Visit the Chrome Enterprise website for more details.
  3. Enroll Your Devices: Follow Google Enterprise instructions to enroll your devices.

Part 2: Provisioning the TelemetryTV Media Player App

2.1: Add TelemetryTV to Your Google Admin Site

  1. Login to Google Admin: Visit Google Admin and log in.
  2. Navigate to Apps & Extensions:
    • Click Device Management.
  • Then, select Chrome Management.
  • Finally, go to Apps & Extensions.
  1. Select Organizational Unit:
  • Choose your Organizational Unit, then Kiosks.
  • Click Add Chrome app or extension by ID.
  1. Enter App ID:
  • In the modal, select the "Chrome Web Store" tab.
  • Enter this ID: nnegimaehopiaikjnpdpokceckcbdoef.
  • Press Enter.
  • Select Add for the TelemetryTV Media Player App, then click Save.
  1. Auto Launch Setting:
  • In the same menu, set TelemetryTV Media Player as the Auto Launch App.

2.2 Connect TelemetryTV Media Player to Your Account

  1. Log in to TelemetryTV: Access your TelemetryTV account.
  2. Download Provisioning File:
    • In the TelemetryTV web app, go to the Settings page.
    • Click the Provision button on the Devices page.
    • Download the provisioning file by clicking the designated icon.
  1. Paste Configuration:
  • Return to Device Management -> Chrome -> Apps & Extensions in Google Admin.
  • Open the downloaded .JSON file and copy its content.
  • Click on TelemetryTV Media Player in the app settings.
  • Paste the content under "Policy for Extensions."

PART 3: Synchronizing Google CDM with TelemetryTV

3.1 Set Up a New Project in Google APIs Console

  1. Access Google APIs Console: Visit the Google APIs Console.
  2. Create a New Project:
    • Click "Create Project".
    • Name your project (e.g., "Digital Signage" or "TelemetryTV").
    • Click Create.
  3. Enable Admin SDK:
    • Once your project is created, search for "Admin SDK".
    • Navigate to the Admin SDK page.
    • With your project selected, enable Admin SDK.


Sync Your Google CDM Organizations to TelemetryTV

Optional Step: This syncs your organizations from Google Admin to TelemetryTV, helping you organize devices efficiently.

Congratulations on setting up Single App Kiosk Mode in Google Admin! You're now ready for seamless content display and management across multiple screens.

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