Google Docs App

Create intuitive, living documents and display them on a single, or multiple screens with our Google Docs App.

Getting Started

  1. Access the App Library: Begin by accessing the Apps tab from the left-hand toolbar on the TelemetryTV main dashboard.
  2. Find the Google Docs App: On the Apps screen, use the search function to locate the Google Docs App.

Configuring Your Google Docs App

Now, let's configure your Google Sheets App to suit your needs. Obtain a URL from your published Google doc. Here's a quick overview of what you need to do:

  • From the Google Doc you want to display, click on "File."
  • Select "Publish to the web."
  • Click "Publish" to obtain your Google Docs URL.
  • Copy your Google Docs URL and navigate back to the TelemetryTV App
  • Lastly, paste your Google doc URL into the field and select "Create"