Log Levels

TelemetryTV Device Log Levels

Device logs in TelemetryTV are categorized into different levels to provide varying degrees of detail and severity.

Device logs can be accessed and configured in the TelemetryTV dashboard under Device > Listing > Settings. By understanding and effectively utilizing device log levels, you can ensure the reliability, performance, and security of your digital signage infrastructure.

Understanding these log levels is essential for effectively troubleshooting issues and monitoring the health of your devices. Here are the four categories of device log levels:

Tier 1: Debug

  • Description: Debug logs are invaluable for diagnosing complex issues, identifying performance bottlenecks, and understanding the inner workings of the device's software and processes.

Tier 2: Info

  • Description: Info logs are useful for monitoring the overall health and performance of the device, tracking routine operations, and staying informed about important events.

Tier 3: Alert/Warning

  • Description: Alert or Warning logs are critical for identifying and addressing potential problems with the device promptly. They help administrators take proactive measures to prevent issues from escalating and impacting device performance.

Tier 4: Error

  • Description: Error logs are essential for identifying and resolving critical issues that can impact the device's performance or functionality. They serve as alerts for urgent problems that need immediate attention to prevent downtime or data loss.

Best Practices for Managing Log Levels

  • Exercise Caution: Be mindful of the volume of logs generated, especially in larger accounts. Higher log levels may result in more detailed logs, which can consume storage space and impact system performance.

Search Functionality

  • Telemetry TV offers a search functionality that allows users to filter logs based on severity levels. Users can use the search magnifying glass icon located in the lower-left corner to search for specific log categories, facilitating efficient log management and analysis.