How to add TelemetryTV's RSS App to your screens

Tired of hopping from one website to another to catch up on your daily news? Say hello to RSS feeds, your shortcut to streamlined news consumption!

What Are RSS Feeds?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It's the perfect solution for those of us navigating the busy online world who want to effortlessly access our favorite online content without drowning in email newsletters.

With RSS, you can pull content from a variety of online publications, blogs, and websites, all in one place. No more endless searches – just curated news delivered right to you.

How Does RSS Work?

RSS feeds enable APIs to interpret, represent, and stylize data in real-time. They break down the metadata of a website or database, extracting information like:

  • Title/Subtitle
  • Date
  • Publisher
  • URLs
  • Images (PNG, GIF, or JPEG)

Creating an RSS App

Ready to simplify your news consumption? Here's how to get started:

  1. From the lefthand taskbar, navigate to the "Apps" Tab. Click create.
  2. Select the RSS App from the list of app available.
  3. Click "Next".

Configure the App

Once you've selected the RSS App, you're almost there! Here's what to do next:

  • Add the RSS feed URL of your choice. Don't worry if you're not sure where to find it; your RSS feed reader will guide you on how to pull the URL.
  • Decide whether you want to display one feed at a time and advance the playlist to the next page.
  • Enter a transition interval to determine how frequently your content updates.

Once you're set, click "Create."

Now, your RSS feed is ready to join your playlist and start sharing the latest news with your audience!


Pro Tip

TelemetryTV offers an alternative way to display RSS feeds using the Tickertape tab. This allows you to add an RSS feed as a scrolling message across all playlist pages for a dynamic news experience.