Using The SDK

The Sandboxed iFrame

Your HTML code is an iframe srcdoc which is sandboxed preventing the code inside from navigating the top frame or breaking out of the sandbox. You must code appropriately as certain things will be prohibited for app stability and security reasons such as navigating the top (parent) frame. The sandbox has the following permissions: allow-scripts, allow-same-origin, allow-forms. All other permissions are prohibited.

SDK is Automatically Injected

The TelemetryTV SDK is automatically injected within the Webapp/Overlay iframe and available for you to use. It will take some time however to receive all the properties from its parent so you will need to react to a callback in order to access the properties and do the work that any javascript you include requires.

Get Started With The TelemetryTV SDK

In order to use the TelemetryTV SDK, you must add a callback function to the window.onloadTelemetryTV property as follows:

window.onloadTelemetryTV = function (ttv) {
  console.log('SDK Loaded. Using Playlist: ',;

  // Put your codes here
  // ...

And put all your reactive code within this single callback.


Use Only One Onload Callback

You must have only ONE onloadTelemetryTV callback.

The window.onloadTelemetryTV callback provides a quick access to the window.telemetryTV object which all related objects like pages, playlists, and device are part of it.

window.onloadTelemetryTV = function (ttv) {
  // The `ttv` is the quick access to the `window.telemetryTV` object
  console.log('Current page name:',;
  console.log('Current playlist name:',;