Getting Started with TelemetryTV

Getting started with TelemetryTV? Follow our checklist to learn the basics.

Success Checklist

This checklist serves as a step-by-step guide to help new users become proficient in using TelemetryTV. Follow the list in sequential order, and you'll soon become a TelemetryTV expert. Before diving in, we recommend watching the Product Tour video, which provides an overview of the basics:


TelemetryTV comprises two primary components:

Content Creation

Apps: Create interactive applications to display specific content and functionality on your screens.
Media: Upload and manage various media files, such as images, videos, and documents, to incorporate into your displays.
Webapps: Create custom devops-driven applications based on HTML and JavaScript and leverage a powerful Software Development Kit (SDK) to control and interact with devices, hardware and sensors.

Content Management

Playlists: Organize your created content into playlists, which serve as collections of media, apps, and Canva designs. Playlists determine the sequence, schedule and duration of content playback.
Devices: Assign playlists to specific devices, ensuring that the desired content is displayed on each screen.
Overrides: Apply overrides to playlists or devices to modify their behaviour temporarily, enabling you to display specific content or make real-time changes when needed.

Now, let's delve into the key features of each component, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of their functionalities.

Digital Signage Content Creation Essentials

Step 1: Create Your First App

The TelemetryTV App library offers a wide range of continuously expanding and pre-designed visuals. Apps are designed to facilitate the creation of stunning digital signage within a matter of minutes, even if you have no prior design experience. They are optimized to deliver excellent performance on various devices.

To get started:

  • Watch our Apps Video: Gain a better understanding of how Apps work by watching our video below.
  • Set up your first app: Explore our library of versatile and functional apps.


Recommended Apps

We recommend starting with the Notice App, Calendar App, or Weather App.

Step 2: Upload a Media File

Your media repository serves as your reservoir for storing and managing your uploaded custom images and videos. These media files can be utilized to create content or directly added to playlists.

Follow these steps:

  • Watch our Media Video: Learn how to effectively use the media repository by watching our tutorial.
  • Upload Your First Piece of Media: Begin by uploading your chosen image or video to the media repository.
  • Check out our guide: Discover our guide to creating impressive digital signage content here.


Optimizing Media

Before uploading, optimize your images and videos to suit your screens. Large files may affect the performance of certain devices.

Content Management Essentials

Step 3: Create Your First Playlist

Playlists serve as the central hub for adding, organizing, and scheduling your created content. Think of a playlist as a TV channel, where you curate your programming, arrange it in the desired order, and broadcast it to your screens.

To get started:

  • Watch our Playlists Video: Gain insight into the functionality of playlists by watching our informative video.
  • Create Your First Playlist: On separate pages within the playlist, add one App and one Media File.
  • Watch our Playlist Zones Video: Learn about the Playlist Zones functionality.
  • Add another page to your playlist and utilize the Playlist Zones function to create engaging configurations.

For detailed information on managing playlists,consult our documentation.

Step 4: Pair Your First Device

Although you may not have your physical devices yet, you can simulate the pairing process using our browser media player. Please note that the browser player is intended for testing purposes and is not recommended for long-term use.

Follow these steps:

  • Watch our Devices Video: Familiarize yourself with the Devices page by watching our informative video.
  • Open a Browser Window: Launch a new browser window and navigate to
  • Pair the Browser Player: From the TelemetryTV Devices page, pair the browser player with your TelemetryTV account using the provided six-digit pairing code. The device is then displayed in your list of devices.
  • Assign the Playlist: From the tab on the right, assign the playlist to the newly paired browser player.

You should now observe your playlist playing in the browser window.

What’s Next