Auto Advance

Auto-advance toggle for media pages

The auto-advance toggle in TelemetryTV allows you to ensure that your playlist seamlessly transitions to the next page once your media content has finished displaying. The availability of the auto-advance toggle depends on the type of media added to a page.

Single Image

When a single image is added to a page, the auto-advance toggle does not appear on the right side of the screen.
To automatically move to the next page, the duration of the page should be manually adjusted by turning on the "Fixed Duration" toggle and specifying the desired time.

Single Video

When a single video is uploaded to a page, the auto-advance toggle is available.
If the auto-advance toggle is turned on, the video will play for its full duration, and the playlist will advance to the next page.

Multiple Media/Media Folder

When multiple media files are added to a page or a media folder is used, the auto-advance toggle is also available.
The interval between the display of different media files can be adjusted.
When the auto-advance toggle is turned on, the playlist will play through each media file in the list or folder based on the specified interval.
The playlist will automatically move to the next page when it reaches the end of the media list.

Take advantage of the auto-advance feature and duplicate media functionality in TelemetryTV to optimize your playlist management and ensure smooth transitions between media pages.