Out of Memory Issues (OOM)

Encountering "OOM" (Out of Memory) issues on TelemetryTV devices can lead to crashes or exits from the application, disrupting your digital signage operations. Here's a comprehensive guide to identify and address potential causes of OOM issues:

Possible Causes of OOM Issues:

  1. Low Hard Disk Size:

    • Some devices may have insufficient total storage capacity, falling below the recommended requirements for running Windows 10. This can strain the device's resources, especially when handling heavy programs.
  2. Insufficient Free Storage:

    • Devices with limited free storage space, particularly below 4GB, may struggle with system patches or application updates, leading to performance degradation or crashes.
  3. Running Resource-Intensive Programs Simultaneously:

    • Operating resource-consuming programs concurrently, such as Remote PC or VidiReports, can overload the device's memory and CPU, exacerbating OOM issues.
  4. Corrupt Videos:

    • Corrupt video files can disrupt caching mechanisms, forcing the player to download the file repeatedly over the network, increasing bandwidth usage and memory consumption.

Device Involvement:

  • Referencing BugSnag reports, devices with a significant number of "OOM" errors in the past 30 days indicate potential OOM issues requiring attention and resolution.

Suggestions to Address OOM Issues:

  1. Consider Switching to TOS:

    • Devices that do not meet the minimum requirements for Windows 10 may benefit from transitioning to TelemetryOS (TOS) for improved performance and stability.
  2. For Windows Users:

    • Regularly free up storage space to ensure the device maintains at least 4GB of free storage. Manually delete unnecessary files, including system updates, to optimize storage usage.
    • Limit the number of concurrently running programs, especially on devices with limited storage capacity, to mitigate memory and CPU strain.
    • Identify and address any corrupt video files listed in device logs by re-uploading or re-transcoding them to ensure smooth playback and caching efficiency.

Addressing OOM issues promptly and effectively enhances the reliability and performance of your digital signage network, ensuring uninterrupted content delivery to your audience.

For further assistance or inquiries, please refer to our support channels for personalized guidance and troubleshooting support.