Profile App

Make introductions and recognize those that are important to you

Use the Profile App to introduce new hires, highlight student achievements, or recognize an employee's great work. It's as easy as uploading their photo and writing a description. Here's how to use it:

Adding the Profile App

You can add the Profile app either from the Shared or Playlists menus, which can both be located at any time on the left panel of the TelemetryTV page.

Configuring the Profile App

  • Give the app a name to identify it next to all your other apps.
  • Add the information for your profile(s): the Name, Description, and profile photo.
  • Add multiple profiles by clicking the "Add Profile" button.
  • Choose a font from the drop-down list.
  • Choose a background from our library, or upload your own by clicking the "App Background" thumbnail.
  • If you added multiple profiles, you will have the option to specify the "Transition Interval" to set how long each profile will show.

Here's some examples of profiles: