Pre Built Apps

Introduction to TelemetryTV's Turnkey Apps

TelemetryTV offers a robust collection of over 70 turnkey apps designed to enhance your digital signage experience. Let's take a look into what these apps are and how they can benefit your displays.

What are Apps?

Apps are full-screen, turnkey visuals that enable you to add custom content to your playlists and integrate with third-party services such as Slack and Google Calendar. With TelemetryTV's diverse app library, you can showcase a wide range of information to engage your audience effectively.

Our Apps are meticulously developed to streamline the process of creating stunning digital signage in under 3 minutes. We continuously expand our library to provide you with even more options for captivating displays.

Overview of TelemetryTV's Turnkey Apps

Getting Started

You can create Apps effortlessly from either the Apps or Playlists menus, conveniently located on the left panel of your TelemetryTV dashboard.

💡 Pro Tip: Utilize Playlist Zones to present multiple apps in a grid format on a single playlist page, maximizing the visual impact of your content.

Explore our extensive array of Apps to elevate your digital signage experience and effortlessly communicate with your audience. Whether you need to display dynamic messages or integrate with external services, TelemetryTV's turnkey apps offer the flexibility and functionality you need.

Unlock the full potential of your displays with our intuitive and versatile apps!