Accessing logs in the interface

Accessing Logs from the TelemetryTV Interface:

Filtered Logs:

When accessing logs through the TelemetryTV interface, users can view logs that are filtered according to the selected log level. This helps in decluttering the view and focusing on logs of interest or concern.

Adjustable Log Level:

Users have the option to adjust the log level, including setting it to a debug level, which will provide more detailed logs. This can be particularly useful when deep-diving into issues that require a more granular view of the system's operations.


Accessing logs from the TelemetryTV interface is often more convenient when remote access to the device is necessary, or when an overview of logs across multiple devices is needed.

Accessing Logs from the Device with Debug Console Activated, look Debug Console

Severity Levels of Logs:


This level logs detailed information, mostly useful for developers. It helps in tracing the flow of the program and diagnosing issues during development and testing. Debug logs are invaluable for diagnosing complex issues, identifying performance bottlenecks, and understanding the inner workings of the device's software and processes.


This level indicates general operational information that documents the system's running processes under normal conditions. Info logs are useful for monitoring the overall health and performance of the device, tracking routine operations, and staying informed about important events.


These logs signify a need for attention but not necessarily immediate action. They may indicate potential issues that could escalate if not addressed. Alert or Warning logs are critical for identifying and addressing potential problems with the device promptly. They help administrators take proactive measures to prevent issues from escalating and impacting device performance.


This is the highest level of severity, indicating that a significant problem has occurred within the system. Error logs typically require immediate attention to resolve issues that could disrupt service or functionality. Error logs are essential for identifying and resolving critical issues that can impact the device's performance or functionality. They serve as alerts for urgent problems that need immediate attention to prevent downtime or data loss.

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