Device Live Screenshots

Monitor, debug, and verify content displayed on devices

The feature of live screenshots in TelemetryTV offers users a dynamic tool for monitoring, debugging, and verifying content displayed on digital signage devices. This functionality provides near real-time insights into what is being presented on each device, facilitating efficient troubleshooting and ensuring the quality and reliability of displayed content.

Device Compatibility:

TelemetryTV's live screenshot feature is compatible with a variety of devices:

Live Screenshotting Intervals:

Live screenshots are captured at regular intervals, typically every 10 seconds. This frequency strikes a balance between providing timely updates and preventing network or device overload.

User Interface and Interaction:

Devices Page - List Mode:

  • In list mode, users can inspect individual devices and capture live screenshots to view current display content.

Thumbnail Mode:

  • Thumbnail mode enables users to update screenshots for all visible devices simultaneously, facilitating quick scanning of multiple devices for display verification.

Utility of Live Screenshotting:


  • Live screenshots are invaluable for debugging purposes, allowing developers and support teams to visually confirm displayed content and troubleshoot issues promptly.


  • Operational teams benefit from remote content monitoring, ensuring devices function correctly and display intended media.


  • Live screenshots help verify successful deployment of content changes, especially crucial for time-sensitive or promotional material.

The ability of qualified devices to support live screenshotting underscores the significance of real-time monitoring in managing a digital signage network. This functionality enhances content management, ensuring businesses effectively communicate and advertise through their digital signage platforms.

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