Managing TelemetryOS

Managing TelemetryOS Devices

TelemetryOS, the recommended operating system for TelemetryTV, offers extensive customization options to tailor device settings and configurations according to your requirements. This guide covers the essential features and settings available in TelemetryOS to help you optimize your digital signage experience.


TelemetryOS provides a robust set of tools to manage and customize your device settings. From network configurations to display arrangements and security options, TelemetryOS offers flexibility and control over your digital signage setup. This guide navigates through the various settings available in TelemetryOS, empowering users to optimize their devices for seamless performance.

Navigating TelemetryOS and the Setup Screen (Keyboard Shortcuts)

TelemetryOS setup screen can be accessed via keyboard shortcuts, making navigation intuitive and efficient. Whether configuring display arrangements or toggling playback, keyboard shortcuts streamline the setup process for enhanced user experience.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Setup Mode (ctrl + s): Enter the setup menu to configure device and operating system settings.
  • Quit TelemetryTV Player (ctrl + q): Exit the media player and return to the logo page.
  • Toggle Console (esc): Switch between pages manually and view device and cache logs.
  • Clear Cache (ctrl + e): Clear all cached information stored on the device.
  • Restart Device (ctrl + r): Reboot the device without changing settings.
  • Reset Device (ctrl + p): Restore all settings and configurations to factory defaults.
  • Next Page in Playlist (n): Navigate to the next scheduled page in the playlist.
  • Previous Page in Playlist (p): Navigate to the previous scheduled page in the playlist.
  • Toggle Playback (space): Toggle playback and loop the current page being displayed.
  • Toggle Hide Offline Status (ctrl + o): Hide network connectivity status displayed on the screen.
  • Show GPU Status (ctrl + g): Display status of GPU and related operating information.


Security Alert:

Please be aware that local settings on your TelemetryOS device, such as network configurations, audio settings, and screen layouts, cannot be revised remotely once set. This security measure is in place to ensure the utmost protection of your system and to maintain compliance with SOC 2 standards. For any adjustments or updates to these settings, you'll need to make changes locally on the device itself. Your security is our priority.

Network Configuration

TelemetryOS supports both wired and WiFi connections, providing flexibility in network setup to ensure stable and reliable connectivity.

Wired Connection

  • DHCP: Automatically obtain IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, and DNS server information for seamless network communication.
  • Static IP: Manually configure network settings if DHCP is disabled, ensuring compatibility with specific network configurations.

WiFi Connection

  • Easily configure WiFi networks and hidden SSIDs for wireless connectivity.
  • Support for WPA2 Enterprise network authentication for enhanced security.

Timezone and Screen Layout

Customize timezone settings and screen layout arrangements to suit your specific requirements and preferences.


  • Select timezone from dropdown menu for accurate time synchronization.

Screen Layout

  • Choose arrangement options for video walls and multiple displays.
  • Configure arrangements for mirrored, horizontal, vertical, grid, mix, or disabled displays.

Security and Access

Protect device settings and configurations with password protection and access control features.

Password Protection

  • Keep devices secure with password protection to prevent unauthorized access.

Disable Context Menu

  • Prevent access to context menu to ensure device integrity and security.

Remote Debugging

  • Enable remote debugging for troubleshooting and maintenance by TelemetryTV support team.

TelemetryOS Channel

Switch between Beta and Stable channels for optimal performance and testing capabilities.

Media Player Environment

  • Maintain operating system on Production environment for stable and reliable performance.

About Section

Access device identification and version information for remote troubleshooting and support.


Explore IPTV streaming functionality for enhanced media delivery and content distribution.

By leveraging the extensive features and settings available in TelemetryOS, users can maximize the performance and functionality of their digital signage devices, ensuring a seamless and immersive viewing experience. For further assistance or inquiries, reach out to our support team via live chat for prompt assistance.