Interactive Folders

Interactive Folders are a feature designed to enhance user interaction and navigation within the TelemetryTV interface.

Key Functionality

Here's a breakdown of the key functionalities and features associated with Interactive Folders:

  1. Adding Interactive Menu Option: Users can enable an interactive menu option (Ctrl-I) within the TelemetryTV Electron app and other players. This option toggles the display of an interactive menu strip on the left side of the screen, allowing users to browse playlist content. The menu bar does not save state and defaults to the device's default behavior upon restart.

  2. Device Flag for Interactive Menu: A Show Interactive Menu flag is added to the device list, defaulting to off. When enabled, the device defaults to displaying the interactive menu.

  3. Navigation Buttons: The interactive menu includes navigation buttons for next, previous, play, and pause functions as per the provided mockup.

  4. Menu Icon: A menu icon allows users to view playlist pages in thumbnail mode. This overlay does not reduce the playing area.

  5. Search and Filtering: Users can search and auto-filter playlist pages by typing characters. The currently playing page is highlighted in blue.

  6. Page Selection and Playback Control: Selecting a page from the menu shifts the playlist to that page, pauses playback, and hides the list of pages.

  7. Animation and Scroll: The list of pages animates in and out (slide left/right) and supports vertical scrolling for ease of navigation.

  8. Content Zone Selection: Users can designate a content zone item in a page as select in interactive mode. This allows selection of specific content, such as media in a media folder or Web Screenshots folder.

  9. Further Selection Support: If further selection is supported, a chevron-right indicator is displayed next to the thumbnail, allowing users to choose from a grid of items within the folder.

  10. Automatic Collapse: If there is no interaction for 60 seconds after engaging the interactive menu, any displayed UI collapses, and playlist playback resumes.

  11. Single Page Playlist Optimization: If there is only one page in the playlist with selectable items, the list of pages is not displayed. Instead, the select media folder item screen is shown when the menu icon is pressed.

Interactive Folders provide users with intuitive navigation and control options, enhancing the overall user experience within TelemetryTV's digital signage platform.