Support by Operating System

TelemetryTV strives to offer compatibility with various hardware options and operating systems. However, it's important to note that while TelemetryTV provides support for some of these configurations, there are instances where users are responsible for certain aspects. Please refer to the table below for a clear understanding of the coverage and support provided by TelemetryTV:


TelemetryTV vs User Responsibility

The term "User" indicates areas where the Customer assumes responsibility for testing and verification. The term "TTV" signifies what TelemetryTV offers support and troubleshooting for. TelemetryTV does not accept responsibility for any issues or responsibilities that fall under the user's responsibility.

DeviceOSInstall & ConfigurationNetworking and Firewall ConfigurationIntegration TestingHardware CompatibilityOS BugsMedia Player Bugs
TelemetryOS BoxTelemetryOSUserUserTTVTTVTTVTTV
Certified DeviceTelemetryOSUserUserTTVTTVTTVTTV
Non Certified DeviceTelemetryOSUserUserUserUserTTVTTV
IntelWindows 10/11UserUserUserUserUserTTV
Android & FireTVAndroid/ FireTVUserUserUserUserUserTTV

For a list of Certified Devices, please visit this link

Need Assistance with User-Responsibility Issues?

In cases where you require assistance with issues falling under the "User" responsibility category but demand immediate attention, TelemetryTV offers professional services engagement at a rate of $200 USD per hour for support or configuration services. For prompt assistance, simply utilize the live chat button located at the bottom right of your account screen to connect with our support team. We're here to help!