Device Deletion Lock

Safeguard mechanism to provent accidental deletion of devices.


The "Deletion Lock" feature is a safeguard mechanism designed to prevent accidental or unauthorized deletion of devices from the TelemetryTV application.

Default State:

By default, the deletion lock is enabled on devices. This means that the devices are "locked" against deletion attempts through the TelemetryTV application, adding a layer of protection.

Prevention of Unintended Deletions:

The primary purpose of the deletion lock is to prevent unintended or unauthorized removal of devices. This is especially important in environments where multiple users have access to the TelemetryTV dashboard or where devices are deployed in critical applications.

Deletion Permissions:

Although devices are locked by default to prevent deletion from the TelemetryTV app, they can still be deleted directly from the device itself if necessary. This could be part of a standard decommissioning process or when physical access to the device is available.

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