Content Folders

Organize your media buy utilizing TelemetryTV's foldering system

Once you have uploaded media to TelemetryTV, you can easily organize it into folders to group related media together. To organize media into folders, you must first share the media. Additionally, on the playlist tab, you can now see the size of a media folder if it is equal to or greater than 999MB.

Creating a folder is a simple process. Follow these steps:

  1. Access the Media Repository
  2. Open the drop down folder menu
  3. Click the "+ Add Folder" button located in the drop-down menu at the top of the Media page.

When you create a media folder, you have the option to place it within an existing superior folder. This nesting capability allows for enhanced organizational control. By default, the system suggests adding the new media folder to the generic top-level folder called "Root Folder."

The media you have uploaded can be accessed from various parts of the TelemetryTV interface, enabling you to use it in your playlists and apps.

To manage the access groups have to your media folders, follow these steps:

  1. Toggle the Group Permissions by clicking the 'three dots' icon located to the right of the folder name.

  2. Choose from the available permissions options:

    • Read-only (represented by an eye icon)
    • Read-and-write (represented by a pencil icon)
    • None (pictured as a crossed-out icon)


Permissions for App Folders

The same permissions options are also available for App Folders.

Adding Media Folders to Playlist Pages

In addition to organizing your media into folders, TelemetryTV allows you to add entire media folders to your playlist pages. This feature brings all the media contained within a folder into the playlist, ensuring that any updates made to the folder, such as adding or removing files, are automatically reflected in the displayed content.

Here's how you can incorporate media folders into your playlist pages:

  1. Set a playlist zone where you want to add the media folder.
  2. Select the desired media folder to be included in the playlist zone.
  3. Once added, any changes made to the contents of the media folder will be dynamically updated in the playlist, ensuring that the latest files are displayed.


Using Zones to Display Media Folders

Take advantage of Playlist Zones to showcase multiple images or videos on a single playlist page, allowing for engaging and diverse content presentation.

By leveraging the Media Folder Slideshow functionality and utilizing Playlist Zones effectively, you can create visually captivating playlists that automatically adapt to changes in your media folders.