Other New Features

  1. Accept Latitude and Longitude Parameters for Weather App (Weatherbit) [#187062661]


  1. Handling Out-of-Bounds Memory Access in Live Video [#186670941]
  2. Stock App 401 API Error [#186982273]
  3. Ad Injection Failure: Unable to Retrieve Content from Source [#187017467]
  4. Invalid Error in /starting: Non-Error Received in notify() [#186990009]
  5. Unhandled Rejection Error: Request Failed with Status Code 401 (Currency App) [#186739999]

New Features & Changes

  1. Enhanced compatibility with WPA2 Enterprise WiFi networks [#186837944]
  2. Establish Terraform repository for better management of existing repositories [#186361893]
  3. Upgrade MongoDB clusters in non-production environments [#186357032]
  4. Initiate development of SDK Command Line Interface package [#186357108]
  5. User experience improvements for Amazon Fire TV Stick [#186357050]
  6. Update Electron Player's dependencies as recommended by Dependabot [#186463918]
  7. Enhance audit logging features for user activities [#186375157]
  8. Apply a blur effect to advertisement thumbnails in the player when excluded [#186494250]
  9. Introduce feature to display the count of connected displays on TelemetryOS devices [#186357077]
  10. Conduct fourth-quarter penetration testing [#186544299]
  11. Perform web scanning for the fourth quarter [#186544391]
  12. Enable advertisement injection in media folders [#186538652]
  13. Convert Canva designs to images automatically during template duplication [#186494267]
  14. Refresh marketing data and correct broken links on the website [#186511864]
  15. Include dates in exported Advertising Campaign data [#186636120]
  16. Implement a test to verify all links in JavaScript user files [#186548126]
  17. Resolve query timeout issues in the scheduling system [#186423532]
  18. Implement the new hardware page in the Add Device process [#186733222]
  19. Upgrade the MongoDB driver to support the latest target database version [#186357027]
  20. Create a list of files for removal from the default UT8 ROM [#186693307]
  21. Record any changes made to device playlists in the logs [#186680847]
  22. Update and refine API documentation and help guides [#186357064]
  23. Introduce TelemetryOS Mix mode in version 23.11.4 of the player release [#186666849]
  24. Prepare individual branches for MongoDB upgrade across all services [#186793948]
  25. Automate daily bandwidth usage reports [#186633038]
  26. Develop and integrate a new scheduling model and helper functions across services [#186423411]
  27. Transition from node-sass to sass package for better performance [DEV-4781]
  28. Retrieve the events whitelist from the updated CosmicJS source [DEV-4757]
  29. Generate comprehensive reports on total playtime for devices [DEV-4739]
  30. Add support for HDMI Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) [DEV-4603]


  1. Weekly Schedule Recurrence Functionality Fails [DEV-4718]
  2. Comprehensive Issue: Serial Numbers, Restart Problems, Service Worker & Cache Errors [DEV-4712]
  3. Service Worker and Cache Functionality Experiencing Internal Errors [DEV-4711]
  4. MongoDB Command Execution Error [#186870364]
  5. Network Configuration Issues in TelemetryOS Player Version 23.10.1 [#186357059]
  6. Syntax Error in TelemetryOS WIFI Field: Unexpected Characters Found [#186313309]
  7. User Interface: Web App Argument Organization Issues [#186357063]
  8. Player Scheduling Error Causes Duplicate Page Displays [#186314120]
  9. Ad Items Failing to Progress Past Warning Page on Player [#186218687]
  10. Playlist Editor Loading Failures and Unidentified API Errors [#186375361]
  11. Missing "Account" Metadata in BugSnag Reports [#186357041]
  12. Websocket Connection Timing Out [#186368377]
  13. Authentication Failure Due to Premature Client Disconnection [#186367932]
  14. Discrepancies in Ad Campaign Operations [#186218684]
  15. TOS WIFI Selection Automatically Deactivates [#186379779]
  16. Regression Issue: Inaccurate Synchronization of Impression Counters [#186357049]
  17. Folders Not Updating After User Group Deletion [#186357056]
  18. BugSnag Reporting Web Video App Null Property Read Errors [#186230357]
  19. Display Issue of Pairing Code in Playlist Editor (Web App) [#186375433]
  20. Abort Error Encountered in Player Operation [#186397987]
  21. Display Malfunction in Player [#186357061]
  22. Android Boot Crash Fix Implemented [#186369847]
  23. Android Device Settings Reset Issue on Offline Reboot Fixed [#186369921]
  24. String Handling Error in go_services Module [#186439021]
  25. Account Service Operation Error [#186458587]
  26. Webapps API: Preservation of Argument Items with Unset Default Values [#186357042]
  27. Security Update: Upgraded "Axios" to Version 1.6.0 in Player and User App [#186464869]
  28. Player Location Detection Error [#186402668]
  29. Electron and BugSnag Updated to Latest Versions for Enhanced Stability [#186398244]
  30. Deprecated "distinct" Query in MongoDB Addressed in go_services [#186474081]
  31. Examination of SSO Integration Issues with Auth0 [#186521018]
  32. Media Folder's Trash Icon Visibility Issue in Large Group Contexts [#186538068]
  33. Missing "Provisioning" Menu Option in Android Application [#186484959]
  34. Incorrect Icon Display in Android Application [#186484541]
  35. Tap Interaction and Default Page Playback Malfunctions [#186506811]
  36. BugSnag Report: Frequent Cache API Internal Errors [#186431474]
  37. BugSnag Alert: IDB Database Transaction Failures [#186473628]
  38. Webapp-Only Mode Disrupts Provisioning Functionality [#186485833]
  39. Starter Plan Recognition Issue in Affiliate Addition Process [#186526227]
  40. Inaccessible Link to Mele Quieter 3 on Device Addition Page [#186538391]
  41. go_gateway Rate Limiter Experiencing Data Race Condition [#186556676]
  42. Campaign Impression Count Displaying Incorrect Values [#186424621]
  43. Connection Issues in TOS Network Settings [#186438613]
  44. High Bandwidth Usage Due to Service Worker Errors [#186365780]
  45. Admin App Login Failure in Development Environment [#186579109]
  46. Media Subtitles Refactoring for Better Validity Alignment [#186587833]
  47. Style Breakdown in Admin Application [#186534750]
  48. Automatic Campaign Removal Upon Account Deletion Not Working [#186357081]
  49. BugSnag Reporting TypeError in Starting Process - Invalid Version [#186568592]
  50. Media Display Issues Outside Validity Periods [#186532221]
  51. JavaScript TypeError: Undefined 'url' Property Reading Issue [#186619159]
  52. BugSnag: Length Property Undefined Error Report [#186644523]
  53. Websocket Session Management Problem [#186629873]
  54. Android Application Freeze During Reset via TTV Admin App [#186485580]
  55. Expired Session Error Not Redirecting to Login Screen [#186357043]
  56. Incorrect Android App Version Comparison Logic [#186357065]
  57. Android Player Stuck During Cache Key Read Process [#186357066]
  58. Live Streaming Operational Challenges [#186648945]
  59. Auto-Restart Prevention on Application Quit [#186549408]
  60. BugSnag: Missing Restart Method in Android Environment [#186441683]
  61. Video Playback Disruption [#186354469]
  62. Android Devices Unable to Display Videos [#186357080]
  63. Allowing Empty Fields in Webapp Build Configurations [#186662256]
  64. Account Service Error in go_services Module [#186467508]
  65. Data Type Mismatch: Go Value Type Conversion Issue [#186683794]
  66. Missing Kiosk/Navigation Application in Production Environment [#186705750]
  67. BugSnag Report: Incorrect Google Analytics Value in User App [#186636296]
  68. Cloning Webapps Without Cool Down Period After Value Change [#186662250]
  69. Issue with Overriding Settings by Device [#186630789]
  70. BugSnag: Error in Setting 'last_fetch_date' Property in User Invites [#186644573]
  71. Enhanced Stacktrace Grouping in User BugSnag Reports [#186709922]
  72. AxiosError in Currency App: Unauthorized Request Failure [#186740000]
  73. Unhandled Rejection Error in Currency App Due to Unauthorized Request [#186739999]
  74. BugSnag: Playlist Editor Client Width Reading Error [#186737258]
  75. Syntax Error in QA Auto Test Scripts [#186691242]
  76. BugSnag: UET Reference Error Detection [#186737246]
  77. Local Development Reference Error: generateId Undefined [#186693666]
  78. Local Development Reference Error: generateRequestId Undefined [#186693400]
  79. Local Development Test Error Handling [#186690095]
  80. Grouping Test Error in Development Environment [#186672285]
  81. TOS Device Preview Load Failure [#186357076]
  82. General Error in Player Operation [#186603737]
  83. BugSnag: Case Conversion Error in Campaigns List [#186644722]
  84. Network Error Handling Improvement: Stream Connection Issues [#186771144]
  85. Founders Table Devices Offline Issue in TOS Environment [#186780498]
  86. API Call Errors: 404 Not Found and 503 Service Unavailable Issues [#186357079]
  87. Type Error in Player: 'r.next' Functionality Issue [#186735234]
  88. USB Provisioning Error During Process [#186566853]
  89. Type Error in Player: Video Playback Issue Due to Undefined Property [#186675146]
  90. Frequent Cache Misses Detected [#186681074]
  91. Static Asset Caching Issue in User PWA Browser [#186794953]
  92. Invalid Token Error in Player Operation [#186782471]
  93. GitHub Source Pulling Issue for Webapps [#186561802]
  94. Handling of Invalid Google Analytics Error in js_user Script [#186693152]
  95. Incorrect Documentation Link Provided in User Interface [#186625869]
  96. Unhandled Rejection Handler Error Identification [#186785146]
  97. Validation Process Failure [#186737240]
  98. Unexpected Token Error Discovery [#186824491]
  99. Long Text Causing App Override Creation Issue [#186692681]
  100. Player Exception: Object Not Functioning as Expected [#186791048]
  101. Type Error: Empty Array Reduction Without Initial Value [#186824438]
  102. Authentication Error in Player Environment [#186750691]
  103. Type Error in Kinesis Relay: Undefined 'enabled' Property [#186750691]
  104. Account Billing Plan Operational Error [#186824398]
  105. Exception in Accounts Service Questionnaire Processing [#186850448]
  106. MongoDB Command Error in go_account Services [#186649013]
  107. Unknown Stack Issue in Method Operation [#186848572]
  108. Scheduler Context Deadline Exceedance Error [#186751723]
  109. String Handling Error in go_services Module [#186821511]
  110. Context Deadline Exceedance Error in go_services Module [#186848579]
  111. String Handling Error in go_services Module [#186821288]
  112. Fmt.wrapError Discovery in Unknown Method [#186821595]
  113. Resize Observer Loop Completion without Notification Delivery [#186824375]
  114. Unhandled Rejection Error in Player Operation [#186669644]
  115. Empty Message Error on Start/Login Screen [#186859603]
  116. Oversized Icons in Network Setup Inputs [#186680531]
  117. Power Property Undefined Error in Device Defaults [#186644553]
  118. RSS Feed Application Non-Functional [#186628394]
  119. Incomplete Customer Data in Reports [DEV-4097]

Major New Features

  1. Update the mongodb cluster in prod from v3.6 to v6 [#186357034]

Other New Features

  1. Ensure Deletion of Removed User Groups from Folders [DEV-4773]
  2. Implemented Support for MongoDB Stable API [DEV-4507]
  3. Enhanced Device Query Optimization [DEV-4745]
  4. Allow users to set Webapp-only mode as a Device Default option. Backend part only [DEV-4557]
  5. Turn Canva design into image during template duplication. Backend part only [#186494267]
  6. Refactored Media Subtitles to Synchronize with Validity Parameters [#186587833]
  7. Blur ad page thumbnail in the player when it is filtered out. Backend part only [#186494250]
  8. Enhanced Algorithm for File Uploads [DEV-4680]


  1. Resolved Incorrect Uptime Values in Admin Application[DEV-4705]
  2. Media displaying outside of validity dates. Backend part only [#86532221]
  3. Correction of Apps Counter in Billing During Active Playlist Publishing[DEV-4654]


  1. Updated TOS Box device information (Also referred to as MeLE device) and URL links [186538391]
  2. Update marketing data and fixed links on TelemetryTV website [186511864]


  1. Fixed DHCP toggle in TelemetryOS settings screen [DEV-4776]
  2. Add Storage Info To BugSnag Report To Help Debugging [DEV-4723]
  3. Re-enable Renderer process BugSnag notifier in Bumper screen. Unify the messages for the BugSnag startup error for both the Main and Renderer process [DEV-4711]
  4. Upgrade to electron 25.8.1 [DEV-4711]
  5. Upgraded deb build

Major New Features

  1. Advertising support custom Vast, telemetrytv Vast, and content folder as sources for ad. [DEV-4494]
  2. Refactor Ad campaigns section, support ad sources, visibility scheduling, and tag matching. [DEV-4684]
  3. The new application MustHaveMenus allows to embedding of menus from the MustHaveMenus website. [DEV-4510]
  4. New billing plans. [DEV-4647]

Other New Features

  1. Support periods in the device's tag. [DEV-4614]
  2. Webapp only mode, handle internet going off/on. [DEV-4585]
  3. UI responsiveness for Telemetry OS setup screens. [DEV-4619]
  4. Added font color and font alignment to playlist overlays. Breaking change to overlays API, every customer who is using playlists api should adjust the code.. [DEV-4372]
  5. Substitutes $device.id with actual device id. For vast url query maram sh be ?device=$device.id [DEV-4503]
  6. The default background is changed to black. [DEV-4531]
  7. Better UX for expired accounts when subscribing to a billing plan. [DEV-4235]
  8. Playlist templates duplicate feature. [DEV-4207]
  9. Navigate to the last visited overrides folder. [DEV-4561]
  10. UI responsiveness of media folders dropdown. [DEV-4595]
  11. Better logging message when video sync feature is turned on. [DEV-4675]
  12. Update infrastructure servers to ubuntu 22.04. [DEV-4706]
  13. Redirect to pairing page if device is deleted being offline [DEV-4720]


  1. Fix the player being stuck on the playlist page under certain edge cases using shared counters. [DEV-4552]
  2. Fix search of media folders. [DEV-4660]
  3. Improved file upload algorithm. [DEV-4680]
  4. Fix UI responsiveness for long playlist dropdown.[DEV-4634]
  5. Updated dependencies for media file playback, and improved Google Slides app performance. [DEV-4657]
  6. Fix race conditions for device setting inputs. [DEV-4719]
  7. Cancel uploads when the upload modal is dismissed. [DEV-4679]
  8. Fix char counter for override based on google slides app. [DEV-4698]
  9. Fix device being stuck on changing region. [DEV-4555]


  1. Fix the device name sync issue with Google device management, and preserve device names set in the TelemetryTV app. [DEV-4708]

  2. Fix provisioning via USB on certain TOS devices, improved mounting/unmounting. [DEV-4697]

Major New Features

  1. Introducing the ability to manually command Telemetry to re-transcode a video, which can help in resolving corrupted playback cases. [DEV-4528]

  2. Added a Playback Mode to devices, allowing them to have a static, locked WebApp instead of a Playlist. [DEV-4299]

  3. Upgraded the player to handle Playlist advertising slots. [DEV-4493]

Other New Features

  1. Moved error screens from rendering within the Electron app to the Player, improving error handling. [DEV-4558]

  2. Implemented a log event "WAR_CORRUPTUNCACHE" when a video is corrupt and attempts to stream instead of playing back from cache. [DEV-4523]

  3. Enhanced the device reset functionality on TelemetryOS for a more complete reset. [DEV-4554]

  4. Added the ability to automatically refresh the website app when running in live webpage mode. [DEV-4512]

  5. Enabled support for uploading web standard (vtt/srt) subtitle tracks for videos. [DEV-4308]

  6. Introduced ad injection capability in media folders. [DEV-4497]

  7. Resolved issues with intra-service RPC calls. [DEV-4521]

  8. Refactored the BUTTON app to the Navigation app, offering additional features such as media folder source and media buttons. It is now available under a feature flag for certain plans.

  9. Added more data to logs for interactive playback. [DEV-4587]

  10. Implemented media folder target support for the Navigation app. [DEV-4576]

  11. Increased the watchdog timeout on the Electron app, resulting in improved support on slow networks or with DNS issues. [DEV-4607]


  1. Improved weather app text sizing for better readability. [DEV-4546]

  2. Fixed incorrect display of devices table under certain widths. [DEV-4527]

  3. Implemented input validation for gslides app, preventing the display of existing gslides apps with incorrect URLs. [DEV-4537]

  4. Fixed the multi-day rendering issue in the calendar app. [DEV-4542]

  5. Resolved the problem of super wide device table rendering. [DEV-4519]

  6. Fixed the ChromeOS device name synchronization on Google Device Management. [DEV-4551]

  7. Fixed device throttling issue when playlist publishing and overlay tickertape are set. [DEV-4476]

  8. Resolved the issue with device control webhook creation for a large number of devices. [DEV-4402]

  9. Implemented various fixes for DB driver compatibility. [DEV-4099]

  10. Fixed the removal of empty pages from a playlist. [DEV-4520]

  11. Fixed CAP Triggers for reliable functionality. [DEV-4540]

  12. Resolved the issue with searching for overrides. [DEV-4560]

  13. Fixed error handling in webshots. [DEV-4565]

  14. Fixed the Vimeo app video matching "no videos found" error. [DEV-4562]

  15. Fixed stocks api. [DEV-4544]

Major New Features

  1. Webhooks no longer require an API token, instead the tag within the webhook URL is a secure and unique token for that webhook. A new webhook type has been added to trigger web app builds. DEV-4515
  2. Introducing the ability to release web apps. This fantastic functionality allows you to build any client-side web application from hosting platforms like GitHub and display it on TelemetryTV devices. TelemetryTV will host the built web app on its servers. Build anytime, integrate with your pipeline, and enable offline functionality with Progressive Web App (PWA) support. DEV-4514

Other New Features

  1. Added the ability to force lowercase when adding new users.DEV-4484
  2. Improved screen resolution detection for narrow screens on TOS (Telemetry Operating System). DEV-4433
  3. Added the ability to manage previously created folders for the starter plan. DEV-4282
  4. Changed the header "Last Degraded Storage" to "Last Degraded" in the devices section. DEV-4465
  5. Added live logs for web apps. DEV-4138
  6. Improved screen detection on TOS. DEV-4435
  7. Upgraded Electron app (TelemetryOS, Windows and Linux apps) to version 23, upgrading the embedded Chrome to v110. DEV-4446
  8. Twitter has effectively blocked API access for most people and thus we removed Twitter app, Social Wall app, and Twitter ribbons from the Infobar app. DEV-4477
  9. Added metadata support for media files. DEV-4267
  10. Updated internal dependencies. DEV-4473
  11. Exposed additional parameters for stream configuration on TOS. DEV-4480


  1. Fixed the issue of apps not being deleted in child pages when deleting an app in a playlist template. DEV-4441
  2. Restored HTML overlay version when changes were canceled. DEV-4464
  3. Fixed a billing issue with delegated accounts where the starter plan mistakenly charged three devices instead of one. DEV-4443
  4. Improved sound channel detection for some devices on TOS. DEV-4453
  5. Fixed the functionality of showing every scheduling option. DEV-4462
  6. Enhanced error handling during synchronization with Google CDM (Content Delivery Network). DEV-4489