Say goodbye to printed menus and keep your customers engaged with our digital menu board! TelemetryTV's Menu App is your ticket to easy setup, customization, and three unique menu styles. Let's explore how it's done:

Adding the Menu App

Getting started with our Menu App is a breeze:

  1. Log in to Your TelemetryTV Account: Access your TelemetryTV account to begin.
  2. Navigate to the App library: On the left-hand toolbar, click on the "App" tab, then click "Create".
  3. Find the Menu App: In the application list, use the search bar located in the bottom right corner, and search for "Menu." Once found, select the Menu App.

Configuring Your Menu App

We offer three different digital menu templates, each with its own setup. Let's dive into each one:

Text Menu Style

The Text Menu features:

  • An overlay box
  • The ability to add multiple columns
  • A background

Here's how to set it up:

  • Menu Title: This appears at the top of the menu.
  • Editing Columns and Items: Click "Click to Edit," and a modal will open where you can add columns, categories to each column, and drag and drop items between columns. For each item, you can add prices, a description, and a price unit (e.g., /lb or /dozen).
  • Hide Item: Toggle this on to quickly hide an item until it's back in stock.
  • Currency: Select the currency in which you'd like the items to display.
  • Customize Font and Background: Choose your desired font and background to match your menu's style.
  • Title and Text Color: Customize the color of your menu's title and text.
  • Hide Background Box: If you prefer, hide the dark overlay box behind the text.
  • Transition Interval: Your menu will cycle through items in each column if the column exceeds the height of the overlay box.

Photo Styles (Photo Large and Photo Small)

Both Photo Large and Photo Small options allow you to display images of your items with descriptions and prices. They feature different layouts, but the setup is similar:

  • Add Menu Items: Instead of a menu editor modal, you add menu items in a list by clicking "Add Item." You can reorder items by dragging and dropping.
  • Item Details: All other settings under each item are the same as those in the Text Style menu.

Photo Large:

Photo Small:

Once you've configured your digital menu, click "Create." You can preview the app by selecting it in your App Library and clicking the "Preview" tab on the right-hand side. Anytime you need to make changes, simply click "Details" to edit your menu.