Custom Backgrounds

Helpful tips for creating the perfect custom app background.

TelemetryTV offers a wide range of apps in our App Library, allowing you to create stunning digital signage in just a few minutes. With many apps providing pre-loaded backgrounds and the ability to upload your own media, you can truly personalize your digital signage. You can even include your organization's logo or a custom illustration to represent your brand.

To help you create the perfect custom background that complements our apps, here are a few tips:

1. Optimize the Media Size for Your Screen

When designing your background asset, ensure that your image or video is optimized for the screen on which it will be displayed. The most common resolution for screens is 1920 x 1080 pixels. If you are using 4K screens, the resolution is quadrupled to 3840 x 2160 pixels. Adjust your media dimensions accordingly to match the screen resolution.

2. Consider the Overlay Ratio

Many of our apps, such as the Profile App or Quote App, feature an overlay on top of the background where text and images are displayed. To ensure visibility, position important content outside of this overlay area.

The overlay size for a 1080p screen is 1600 x 855 pixels, while for a 4K screen, it is 3200 x 1710 pixels. When using editing software, I recommend creating a shape that matches the overlay resolution, centering it, and placing your content around it. This will give you a preview of how it will appear on the screen.


Overlay Sizing

These overlay sizes may not apply exactly when inserting apps in Playlist Zones. You can adjust the zone padding, which will impact the margin and overlay size.

To inspire your creative process, here are some examples of expertly designed backgrounds that seamlessly work with our apps:

Quote App:

Clock App:

Countdown App:

Contact App:

By following these tips and leveraging your creativity, you can craft captivating custom backgrounds that enhance the visual impact of your TelemetryTV digital signage.