Grafana App

Grafana is the leading open source project for visualizing metrics. Now, TelemetryTV's Grafana app allows you to display your Grafana dashboards on screen with ease.

Setting Up the App

  1. Log in to your TelemetryTV account and navigate to the "Apps" page.
  2. Click the "Create" button to launch the application list.
  3. Search for "Grafana" in the bottom right of the application list, then select the Grafana App.
  1. Give the app a Label to easily identify it next to your other apps.
  2. Grab the URL of the Grafana dashboard you'd like to display. This URL should start with "play.grafana"

Authentication Options

  • If your dashboard is private, you will need to authenticate with your Grafana username and password. Select this identification option and enter your credentials in the fields below.
  • If your dashboard is public, there is no need to authenticate. Select "None" from the drop down menu.


Important note

This will not work if you use a login from a third-party website to access the website you would like to display (OAuth). For example, if you login via Facebook or Google. The credentials you use must be set up through Grafana.

Finally, select the interval at which you'd like the dashboard to refresh.

Once finished, click Create. You can now preview or edit your app from the Apps page on the right hand side.