Live Streaming Zoom and Webinars

Amplify Engagement with TelemetryTV's YouTube App

Stream Live Zoom Content Seamlessly

Unlock the potential of TelemetryTV's YouTube App, your gateway to streaming live content seamlessly using YouTube Live. Now, you can elevate your displays by showcasing live Zoom content, whether it's a company-wide address or an impactful webinar.

Displaying Live Zoom Content: A Quick Guide

  1. Set Up Your Zoom Meeting or Webinar on YouTube:

    • Follow Zoom's YouTube Live integration instructions to prepare your live event.
  2. Access TelemetryTV's YouTube App:

    • Navigate to the YouTube App within your TelemetryTV account.
  3. Insert Your YouTube Live Event URL:

    • Copy the YouTube Live Event URL from your Zoom setup and paste it into TelemetryTV's YouTube App. This seamless integration ensures your live Zoom content is ready for display.

Pro Tip for Enhanced Scheduling:

☝️ Use Overrides for Precision:

  • Schedule an override with the YouTube App to display at your scheduled meeting or webinar time. This powerful feature ensures your live event takes center stage precisely when you want it to.

Elevate Your Zoom Experience with TelemetryTV

Whether it's a crucial company address or a knowledge-packed webinar, TelemetryTV's YouTube App empowers you to captivate your audience with live Zoom content. Streamline your displays, engage your viewers, and make every moment count!

*Amplify Engagement. Stream Seamlessly. Elevate Experiences.