Streaming Video

Documentation: Live Video App


The Live Video App allows users to seamlessly embed live TV within an app in a zone, capitalizing on the growing IPTV (Internet Protocol television) trend. This functionality primarily facilitates the streaming of MPEG video using FFmpeg over a variety of protocols.


Requires TelemetryOS

In order to use this feature you must deploy your devices using TelemetryOS, other OS's are not supported.

Supported Protocols:

The Live Video App on TOS supports the following streaming protocols:

  • UDP
  • RTP
  • RTSP
  • MMSH
  • HTTP

Setting Up the Live Video App on TOS:

1. Prerequisites:

Everything required for the app to function, including FFmpeg, comes preinstalled on TelemetryOS. Users need not undergo any manual installations or configurations.

2. App Configuration:

Within the app, provide the necessary configuration parameters for FFmpeg. These parameters include:

  • Source URL (URI)
  • Size (Width and Height)

3. Compatibility Note:

This feature is exclusive to TelemetryOS. Users will be informed that "Live video streams require the TelemetryOS player application to display."

Why Use the Live Video App on TOS?

1. Seamless IPTV Integration: With more viewers transitioning to internet-based TV solutions, embedding live TV directly into an app can elevate content offerings and tap into this ever-growing market.

2. Built-in Functionality: TOS comes equipped with everything needed for the Live Video App, ensuring a hassle-free setup and a smooth streaming experience.

3. Enhanced User Experience: By offering live streaming capabilities, users are provided with real-time content, from broadcasting significant events to real-time educational streams.

4. Exclusivity: The optimization of this app for TOS ensures a premium, high-quality live streaming experience exclusively for TelemetryOS users.


The Live Video App for TelemetryOS offers a streamlined approach for users keen on exploring IPTV and live streaming. By leveraging the in-built capabilities of TOS, users can expect a top-tier live streaming experience tailored for their varied requirements.