Vimeo App

Unlock the power of video content from Vimeo and seamlessly add it to your playlists with TelemetryTV's Vimeo App. In just a few clicks, you can engage your audience with captivating videos. Let's get started:

Setting Up the Vimeo App

Follow these steps to set up your Vimeo App:

  • First, navigate to apps and select the Vimeo App, or create the Vimeo App directly from the playlist editor.
  • Next, configure the Vimeo App by providing the following:
  1. In the "App Label" field, provide a name for your app
  2. In the URL field, paste the Vimeo URL of the video you want to add.
  3. Then, select "Create"


Please Note

The video's URL must be accessible via a public URL. If it's configured as an unlisted video accessible only with a private link, it will trigger an error in TelemetryTV: "Vimeo Video ID Not Found."

Optional Settings:

  • Show CaptionsYou have the option to mute the video or turn on captions (if applicable).
  • Mute Toggle: If you wish to mute the video, toggle on the "Mute" option. With this option enabled, audio will be disabled.
  • Enable Tap Interaction for devices configured for interactivity, "Enable Tap Interaction" will allow users to pause or resume the video being displayed

That's it! You've successfully set up your TelemetryTV Vimeo App. Now you're ready to enhance your digital displays with TelemetryTV's Vimeo App and captivate your audience with compelling video content.