Notice App

Use the Notice App to display engaging messages

Our Notice App allows you to create engaging messages to share on your displays. You can customize your message with an image or gif, icons, and many text options. Here's how it's done:

Adding the Notice App

You can create the Notice App either from the Shared or Playlists tabs, which can both be located at any time on the left panel of the TelemetryTV page.

Configuring your Notice App

Now, it's time to get creative. The "Notice Properties" section is where you customize your notice. Don't worry - this can all be edited once you create your app, so don't be afraid to play around with different settings. Let's go through the different options and look at some examples.

First, give your app a name in the "Label" section.

The message section is where you enter the text you'd like displayed in your notice. Here, you can customize with different text settings like italics, bullet points, and various heading sizes.

You can add multiple messages by clicking the "Add Message" button. When multiple messages are added, the option to add a Transition Interval will appear. The messages will loop.

From the Font menu, you can change the font style, colour and size, and also fix the font size for better display using the Fixed Font Size toggle.

Fixed Font Size
Font size can be fixed by switching the toggle, which locks the font size to a size of your choice, with a default of "1."

This is useful when you have a longer notice or article that cannot be comfortably displayed on a single page. When the font size is fixed, the article's font formatting is fixed, and the user is given the opportunity to scroll through the content when the App is displayed on a playlist page:


Please Note

Scrolling through the Notice App will only be available on touch screen devices or devices with a mouse attached. Do not use this feature if your displays are not interactive.

You can change the horizontal and vertical alignment of the text.

Background Type

Click the "Background" thumbnail to launch the background selection model. Choose from our preloaded library of images and videos, or upload your own.


Pro tip

Use a video as your notice background to create a dynamic and eye-catching announcement.

Once you're done, click "CREATE." Your notice is now ready to preview, and you can edit it from the details panel on the right side if needed.

Here's some examples of the Notice App in action: