Desktop Application

Downloading the Desktop Application

Simplify your digital signage management with the TelemetryTV Desktop application. This user-friendly application is designed for both Mac and Windows users, aiming to streamline your digital signage content creation and management processes.

How to Download the Desktop App

For MacOS:

For Windows 10 & 11:

For Linux:

Why Choose the Desktop App Over Browser Log-in?

TelemetryTV Desktop is built on Electron, providing a host of benefits over browser-based usage:

Enhanced content preview

The desktop app offers previews for the Website App content that is not viewable in the browser verison. (e.g. HTTP content, complex Javascript)

Push notifications

Stay informed with push notifications for playlist publishing approvals and overrides. This ensures you're always in the loop.

Ideal for distributed teams

Use the Desktop App to connect your team with "Viewer Only" permissions, enhancing collaboration and communication.

Easy accessibility

The application can be launched directly from your desktop, negating the need to search through numerous browser tabs.