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Setting device playback modes

To set the playback mode of a device, whether to playlists (the default setting) or webapps, follow these steps:

1. Access Device Settings

  • Navigate to the "Devices" section in the TelemetryTV dashboard.
  • Select the specific device for which you want to change the playback mode.

2. Changing Playback Mode

  • By default, the playback mode is set to "Playlists." To change this to "Webapp," follow the following steps.

3. Switch to Webapp Mode

  • In the device settings, find the section where you can modify the playback mode.
  • Look for an option or toggle labeled "Playback Mode"
  • Click on the toggle or dropdown menu to switch the playback mode from "Playlists" to "Webapp."

4. Confirming Webapp Mode

  • Once you've selected "Webapp" as the playback mode, the device will now operate in webapp mode.
  • Confirm the change by checking the device settings or observing the device status.

By following these steps, you can easily switch the playback mode of a TelemetryTV device from "Playlists" to "Webapp" mode, allowing you to display custom web applications on your digital signage device.