Intro to TelemetryOS

TelemetryOS is a dedicated signage operating system that we, at TelemetryTV, have developed to serve as the ideal platform for running our TelemetryTV Player. The Player is a Progressive Web Application (PWA) that operates within an Electron-based media player. We saw that existing platforms had problems with manageability, security, and ease of use, and we made it our mission to address these issues with TelemetryOS. Moreover, since we're not a hardware company, we wanted to give our customers the freedom to avoid vendor lock-in with proprietary hardware. This means that our operating system can be installed on a variety of compatible computers, offering more flexibility and choice for our users.

Strong Foundations

When we set out to create TelemetryOS, we knew that building a completely new operating system was not feasible, especially given our focus on innovation and delivering high-quality digital signage software. That's why we decided to base our OS on an existing Linux distribution.

One of the key steps we took in the customization process was to pare down the a Linux distribution to its essential components. By doing this, we ensured that only the necessary software required for running our media player is installed. We've fine-tuned the operating system to run our application as efficiently as possible. This approach has essentially turned the device into an appliance that is purpose-built to run TelemetryTV, making it a highly specialized tool for our customers.

Secure by Design

Security is a paramount concern for us, so we've made sure to harden TelemetryOS in line with the Center for Internet Security guidelines. This ensures that our OS is secure and meets the stringent security requirements of your organization. We're committed to providing an OS that you can trust, and we take pride in offering a platform that prioritizes security.

Hardware Options

When it comes to hardware, we have a list of recommended platforms that we believe are best suited for use with TelemetryTV. These recommended platforms have undergone extensive testing to ensure they deliver optimal performance when running TelemetryOS. However, we understand that some of our customers may have their own hardware preferences.

For customers who prefer to use hardware not on our recommended list, we offer a certified device program for an annual fee. With this program, we commit to testing your chosen hardware with all future releases of TelemetryTV. This ensures that your hardware remains compatible and optimized for our software, giving you peace of mind and the freedom to choose your hardware.

Finally, TelemetryOS is widely compatible with various hardware, we understand that some hardware may not function as expected. If you have specific hardware requirements, we invite you to reach out to our TelemetryTV support team. We can provide information about a custom hardware support package that can be tailored to meet your unique needs. Our team is always ready to help you make the most of TelemetryOS and ensure that your digital signage software runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.