Calendar App

TelemetryTV's Calendar App allows you to set up and display your calendar on screen with ease. Simply add your calendar address, choose a background, and voilà⁠—a sleek, well-designed calendar view to help you stay on top of your events. Here's how it works:

Adding the Calendar App

  1. From the lefthand taskbar, navigate to the "Apps" Tab. Click create.
  2. Select the Calendar App from the list of apps available and click "Next".


Important note

The Calendar App is NOT the same as the Google Calendar App! Read about the Google Calendar App here.

Configuring the Calendar App

  • Give the app a Label to identify it next to all your other apps.
  • In the "Title" section, type in the name you would like to display on screen on top of the Calendar.

Next, it's time to add your Calendar. To do this, you'll need the iCal address for that Calendar (an .ics URL). Finding this differs based on your Calendar provider.

Generating your .ICS from Office365

  1. log into your 365 account (The default login is
  2. Go to your calendar app by selecting the "Calendar" option under "Use the online apps"
  3. On the top right of the calendar page click the settings icon
  4. Open up the "My app settings" section and click the "Calendar" link
  5. Under the the "Calendar" section select "Publish Calendar"
  6. Select the calendar that you would like to import into Zola Suite and give "Full details" permission
  7. Click the ICS link. This will download the ICS file needed

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Generating your Calendar link from Google

  1. Navigate to "Settings":
  2. Add an identifying name for your calendar
  3. Paste your Calendar's iCal URL into the field
  4. If you will be adding more than one calendar, select a calendar color to differentiate between events
  5. Click "Add iCalendar" to add multiple iCal addresses to be shown on the same Calendar app.
  6. Click the image below "Default Background" to select a background from your own media, our preloaded library, or via Photo Search.


Displaying Multiple Months

You can also display multiple months from your calendar.

Toggle 'Show Multiple Months' under the 'Date Range Selection' tab, and enter the date range you'd like to display.

That's all there is to it! Once you click "Create", you can Preview your app or edit it in from the Details tab on the right hand side.

Check out some examples of the Calendar App in action: