Use TelemetryOS

TelemetryTV's Purpose Built Operating System

Managing and securing a fleet of digital signage devices at scale can be a daunting task. Whether you're dealing with Windows or Linux systems, administering these platforms requires considerable expertise, time, and resources. TelemetryTV offers a superior alternative with TelemetryOS, an out-of-the-box solution that's secure, easy to manage, and highly optimized for digital signage.

Secure By Design

TelemetryOS is built with a strong focus on security. This Linux-based, bespoke operating system comes integrated with our media player, delivering a highly optimized and locked-down environment for digital signage applications. By using TelemetryOS, you significantly mitigate the risk of security breaches, ensuring the safe display and transmission of your content.

Hassle-Free Management

TelemetryOS is an excellent choice for those looking for ease of management. With automatic provisioning, logging, and monitoring, TelemetryOS simplifies device management at scale. Unlike traditional operating systems, which demand consistent patching, updates, and configurations, TelemetryOS provides a turnkey solution that streamlines administrative tasks, reducing the demands on your IT team.

Superior Performance

TelemetryOS is not a generic operating system repurposed for digital signage—it's specifically designed and optimized for it.

This specialization enables the OS to perform efficiently, providing smooth content playback and reliable operation of your digital signage devices. Unlike generic systems, TelemetryOS doesn't waste resources on non-essential processes, leading to more efficient device utilization and a superior end-user experience.

Comprehensive Content Caching

TelemetryOS takes advantage of TelemetryTV's global CDN for comprehensive content caching. This means even if your devices temporarily lose internet connectivity, they'll still be able to play back the cached content seamlessly. This feature is not always straightforward to implement on standard Windows or Linux systems and is yet another advantage of our custom built solution.

Seamless Integration

TelemetryOS supports RS232, a form of serial data transmission allowing for seamless integration into existing electronic systems. These support features provide flexibility and convenience, making it easier to integrate your digital signage into your current electronic environment.

TelemetryOS Box: Optimized Hardware

To make things even easier, TelemetryTV offers the TelemetryOS Box — a hardware solution that come pre-bundled with TelemetryOS. These fanless devices, produced in partnership with hardware manufacturers, are optimized for TelemetryOS and digital signage, reducing setup times and ensuring optimal performance.

Raspberry Pi

For our audience of tinkers we support TelemetryOS on the Raspberry Pi (Pi5 recommended). This will let you do interesting things with hardware, POE, GPIO and more.


Choosing TelemetryOS for your digital signage needs offers numerous benefits. It takes the guesswork and heavy lifting out of administering a fleet of devices, provides an added layer of security, ensures consistent performance, and offers seamless integration into your existing systems.

While it's possible to install TelemetryOS on your own hardware, our pre-bundled hardware option — the TelemetryOS Box —offers an even simpler way to deploy secure, efficient digital signage. With TelemetryOS, you can focus less on the technicalities of device administration and more on delivering impactful content through your digital signage.