TelemetryTV's Interactivity features empower you to customize and enhance viewer interactions with your content on touchscreen devices. To make use of these features, you need either a touchscreen device that doubles as a display (e.g., an Android tablet or Chromebase) or a touchscreen display connected to a compatible device (e.g., a touchscreen monitor with an AndroidTV box like the Ugoos X3 PRO). The hardware must be capable of receiving touch commands.

This article will introduce you to the following Kiosk Interaction features:

  • Tap to Show Default Page
  • Tap to Pause Playlist
  • Swipe to Change Pages
  • Swipe to Navigate Media Slideshow
  • Button App

Kiosk Interaction settings are configured at the playlist level. To access these settings:

  1. Go to the "Playlists" section in the left-hand toolbar.
  2. Navigate to the "Configuration" tab
  3. The, locate the Kiosk Interaction settings.

Within the Kiosk Interaction Panel, you have various customization options:

Tap Interaction: Choose the effect of tapping on the playlist. You can select "Show Default Page" or "Pause Playlist."

Show Default Page: Tapping the screen stops the playlist cycle and displays the Default Page. This feature is useful when you want the playlist to act as a screensaver and switch to an important page upon touch, such as a building directory or website.

Pause Playlist: Tapping the screen pauses the playlist on the current page for the duration specified in the "Interaction Timeout" setting.

Interaction Timeout: This setting determines the duration the page remains on screen after no interaction. For "Pause Playlist," it specifies the duration of the pause.

Swipe to Change Pages: Toggle this feature on or off to enable viewers to swipe left or right on the touchscreen to navigate through playlist pages.

Media Zone Swiping: If your playlist page contains media arranged in a slideshow, viewers can swipe through the media as an interactive slideshow on the touchscreen display. This functionality is automatically applied to compatible touchscreens and does not require any configuration changes.

Button App: TelemetryTV provides the Button App, an interactive app that allows you to set buttons for viewers to tap, directing them to specific content. You can learn more about the Button App here.

With these interactivity features, you can create engaging and interactive experiences for viewers, offering them the ability to tap, swipe, and explore your content on touchscreen devices.