Device Object

ttv.device Object

Function or PropertyDescriptionReturns
ttv.deviceThe device object containing information about the deviceThe device object for the current device.

Device Object Properties

idTelemetryTV Device IDstring
serialNumberSerial Numberstring
modelModel Typestring
geoGeographic Coordinates (Requires app and device support)object
osOperating Systemstring
osVersionVersion of the OSstring
tagsTelemetryTV Device Tagsarray
languageLanguage locale settings (derived from the device and account language settings where device if set will override the account)string
deviceLanguageThe localization language set for the devicestring
accountLanguageThe localization language set for the accountstring
browserNameBrowser rendering enginestring
browserVersionBrowser versionstring
uptimeUptime of the device in secondsnumber
environmentVarsDevice environment variablesarray
rotationRotation of the device's screennumber
orientationOrientation of the devicestring
serialPortsThe serial ports of the device (if any)array

Code Samples

window.onloadTelemetryTV = function (ttv) {
  const name =;
  console.log('My device name is: ', name);