Monitoring Health

Understanding icons and tabs on the devices page

The devices page illustrates a number of attributes about your devices paired or provisioned to your account.

Columns (Left to Right)

Key Metrics/Indicators

Device is green, red or greyDevice is online or offline
NameDevice name
Uptime%Percentage of time your device is up and running over the last 30 days
UptimeConsecutive time your device has been online
ReconnectsNumber of time the device has reconnected to the network
Err MsgsNumber of error messages displayed for that device (you can see the error details by searching the in the logs tab with the keyword "error")
CPU% of device CPU occupied during playback
Mem% of device memory occupied during playback
Cache% of server cache storage allotted to that device that's been filled

Special icons

If you see a caution triangle icon instead of a percentage, this means your device has had to reconnect >500 times in the last 30 days.

Device Information

To the left of the devices dashboard is a menu containing four different tabs which show more detailed device information, including device stats, logs, and playback records.

Settings Tab

The Settings tab show a variety of information about your device:

PlaylistsLists the playlists currently paired to the device, including the option to edit these
DescriptionDevice description
LocationDevice location
OrganizationWhich organization the device belongs to (learn more about device organization)
LanguageThe device language, either 'Account Default,' or specific to that device
Log LevelDetail level of the logs generated for the device. There are four different levels: Debug, Info, Alert/Warning, and Error. These will be further described in the Logs section below
TagsDescriptors used to identify devices quickly when searching
Notify on OfflineTurn this on to receive email notifications when the device goes offline
Notify on Play FailureTurn this on to receive an email notification if the device does not play the next page within 60 seconds
Environmental VariablesAllows for selective playlist page display (learn more about environmental variables here)

Info Tab

The info tab provides detailed information about the device:

Device IDA unique identifier generated by our system
Connection CountShows how many times the device has connected to the websocket server
VersionsDisplays information about the operating system, and TelemetryTV App version being used on that device
StatsDisplays a variety of information, including the playback aspect ratio, IP address, monthly bandwidth, CPU and network data, and total memory available on the device

Logs Tab

From the "Logs" tab, you may view a recent history of your device's offline/online status. A caution triangle icon signifies an offline event, while an info circle icon signifies an online event.

Log entries stay saved in our database for 30 days.

You can click on individual log entries to see more details about the event:

The Severity will correspond to one of the four log categories described above; Debug, Info, Alert/Warning, and Error. Logs can be searched on the basis of these categories using the search magnifying glass on the lower left:

Playbacks Tab

From the "Playbacks" tab, you can see a record of when each piece of content has been successfully played on the device, as well as the playlist it's a part of.

Playback log entries stay saved in our database for 30 days.

You can also see logs and playbacks for all your devices together by selecting the "Logs" or "Playbacks" tab at the top of the devices page.

Monitoring Issues With Devices

The devices table is an essential tool for monitoring the health of your devices. By default, the table displays basic information about each device, such as: device name, serial number, reconnects, etc.

Updates in TelemetryTV 23.3.6 to the table have added "Last Error" and "Last Degraded Storage" options, which can provide better visibility over issues with your devices. Sorting devices by these columns can help you quickly identify and address any issues that arise.

To find the "Last Error" and "Last Degraded Storage", first go into your devices page in your TTV account. Then click on the the tab as shown below.

Next, scroll down the list until you find "Last Error" and "Last Degraded Storage" and toggle them on.

They will now be available as shown below.

The "Last Error" column displays the timestamp of the last error log related to a particular device, while the "Last Degraded Storage" column displays the timestamp of the last error log related to storage issues with a particular device.

Sorting the devices by these columns can help you quickly identify which devices have had recent issues and need attention. Additionally, the player and app version columns display the version numbers of the player and app running on each device, which can be helpful when diagnosing version-specific issues with your devices.

By utilizing the devices table's features, you can effectively monitor the health of your devices and address any issues promptly. If you have any further questions or issues with the devices table, please contact our support team for assistance.