Device playback to monitor content displayed

The device playback feature in TelemetryTV serves as a vital tool for monitoring the content displayed on digital signage devices. Through the "Playbacks" tab, users can access a record of when each piece of content was successfully played on the device, along with pertinent details such as the playlist it belongs to.

Playback Structure

The playback log is structured in a clear and concise format, providing the following information for each playback event:

  • Playlist Name:

    This identifies the specific playlist from which the content was sourced. From here users can identify the specific page that was played as well.
  • Timestamp:

    The timestamp indicates the precise time when the playback event occurred. It allows users to track the chronological order of content playback and analyze patterns of viewer engagement over time.
  • Date:

    The date corresponds to the day when the playback event took place.

What’s Next