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TelemetryTV Navigation App Usage Guide


This standard operating procedure provides information on using the TelemetryTV Navigation App, specifically designed for touch screen kiosk deployments. You will learn how to create, customize, and configure buttons to enhance interactive content navigation.

Navigation App Overview

The App facilitates interactive touch screen experiences, allowing the creation of pages with buttons that serve as hubs to access other content. Buttons also can be in a form of images. Key functionalities include:

  • Programming Button Targets:

    1.Set Apps or Media as the targets for buttons, turning playlist pages into interactive hubs
    2.Set a WebApp as the target, turning playlist page into interactive application hosted in TelemetryTV
    3.Set a content folder as target, allowing to select a content to play

  • Customization: Configure button text, text colour, background colour, size, form and interactive targets. Instead of text button choose an image to play a role of a button.

  • Timeout Configuration: Set a timeout for the target content, automatically closing it after a specified time.


Step 1: Creating a Navigation App

  • Adding a Navigation App:
    • Add the Navigation App from the playlist editor in the Playlists tab or create it within the Apps tab.

Step 2: Configuring the Navigation App

  • Access Properties Menu:

    • In the Properties menu, configure the following:

      • Button text and colours.
      • Select an interactive target for the button (Media, App, Content Folder or WebApp).
      • Choose whether you want textual button or turn Use image to display image instead.
      • For content folder target optionaly include Sub-folders or device tags matching to display just matched media files, optionaly configure the background image for content folder overlay and thumbnail size
  • Multiple Buttons:

    • Add multiple buttons by clicking "Add Button."
    • You can add up to 8 buttons to a Navigation App.
    • Adjust button alignment using the Alignment tools.
  • Background Options:

    • Adjust background options, including black overlay for text prominence.

Step 3: Closing the Target App

  • Close Options:

    • Configure how the displayed content closes:

      • By default, close by clicking an 'X' in the top right corner.
      • Toggle "Automatically Close Content" to set a custom time limit for automatic closure.
  • Formatting with Playlist Zones:

    • Utilize Playlist Zones to format the Button App alongside other content.
    • Example: Add a Navigation App alongside contact info and weather for interactive navigation.

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